Distressed Commercial Real Estate Summit EAST

Venue: Lighthouse Conference Center

Location: New York, New York, United States

Event Date/Time: May 09, 2008
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In the wake of the subprime mortgage meltdown, the commercial real estate market shows all the signs of following in its path: a weakening economy, a credit crunch that is drying up lending sources and rising finance cost, a sharp drop in CRE sales, and sliding CRE values. Already CRE lenders are confronted by non-performing and troubled loans, and CRE borrowers requiring refinancing during the next year—even for good projects—will face tough times finding new financing. Within this market environment the potential for massive transfers of wealth is at hand and opportunity investors have amassed billions of dollars targeted for distressed real estate.

Welcome to Distressed Commercial Real Estate Summit EAST, where industry players will gather to explore the opportunities in distressed commercial real estate in the leading market areas in the East. The Summit is an exciting new regional event designed to provide the latest market intelligence on distressed CRE investing and create a high-powered networking platform for buyers and sellers of distressed commercial property and loans. It brings together some of the industry’s leading players—buyers and sellers—to discuss the key market trends in distressed CRE, such as: When will the market hit bottom and what will the rebound look like? When is the right time for investors to pull the trigger? What are the opportunities in distressed property and paper? When will banks, insurance companies, and special servicers begin unloading their distressed loans and what strategies and processes are they adopting to deal with problem and distressed loans? How will the CMBS market deal with its troubled assets? What debt and equity is available to finance distressed deals?

Finding distressed deals is all about meeting people and developing relationships. So, please join us for this high-level networking event where both buyers and sellers will gather together and where you can build the all-important relationships and gain the invaluable insights that will enable you to successfully seize the distressed CRE opportunities in today’s market.