1st International Conference on Economic and Management Perspectives (ICEMP 2008): October 17-19, 20

Venue: Costa Rica

Location: Costa Rica

Event Date/Time: May 13, 2008
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In This article ,I have analyzing the trend Of the industrial growth in Iran in regard to the external trade in the different times from before nationalizing the industry of oil to the program of the first five _years of the economical promotion after the revolution, concludes that the national economy from the oil incomes is the most important factor and says that these incomes affect on the industrial _economical growth by three ways. This article shows that although the trade policies in the Iranian economy have been mainly toward the industrialization by replacing the imports , but for the different causes, the replacing the imports in Iran not only hasn’t bean completed , but also leads to allocating ineffectively the social resources and losses.
This article in the context of the export function of the country shows that the industrial export consistent with the economical needs of the country hasn't been extended and the nonoil exports are dependent on the goods that have had the certain and secure marketplaces traditionally and in the length of the past centuries in the global level.

Key words: trend analysis,industrial growth, foreign trade,Iran,s economy.