CoreNet Global 2008 Sydney Summit

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Event Date/Time: Jun 29, 2008 End Date/Time: Jul 01, 2008
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Generations @ Work:
How Corporate Real Estate Can Bridge the Talent Gap

This is the decade about talent – finding it, getting it, and keeping it. World-wide demographic shifts and immigration patterns are changing the familiar landscape of the workplace, creating cultural and generational patterns that have never existed before. Corporate real estate’s need to understand and respond to these changes is imperative to ensure the organisation’s competitive advantage.

Baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y – all of the generations are mixing in the workplace, bringing their differing outlooks and expectations with them. Meeting sometimes conflicting generational expectations is new territory for corporate real estate. Forward-thinking corporations are learning to embrace these differences, finding ways not only to attract the newest generation of worker, but to keep their seasoned employees comfortable in the face of rapid change. Leading organisations are bridging the talent gap by encouraging the generations to communicate and collaborate – achieving higher levels of job satisfaction and ensuring the continuity of institutional knowledge.

The CoreNet Global 2008 Summit, Sydney, will examine the impacts of a multi-generational workforce on corporate real estate from the viewpoints of the enterprise, the real estate industry, and the individual.

The Enterprise
We will explore both the demand and supply-side perspectives and delve into the implications of multiple generations in the workplace. We will explore new kinds of workplaces and the growing relationships between location, workplace, brand, and company culture.

The Real Estate Industry
Real estate practitioners fill important roles within corporate real estate departments and operating units of large service provider organisations. We will examine the changing nature of real estate-related jobs in these organisations, where these jobs are located in the world, where the talent is and - most importantly - strategies for building and maintaining a pipeline of future employees. We will also explore the competitive environment for real estate talent - including the strong attraction of investment and development real estate.

The Individual
We'll also take a hard look at how the required competencies for real estate-related jobs are changing. Skill, culture, and generational gaps will be examined, as well as resources and strategies for bridging those gaps. Career planning strategies will be developed and shared.