Presentation Training Workshop (PETRAIN)

Venue: New York

Location: New York, New York, United States

Event Date/Time: Aug 14, 2008
Early Registration Date: Jul 31, 2008
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In a small group setting, you will apply the principles to your presentation, and then present it to the group, using feedback from the videotape and the group to perfect your style.

This one-day workshop format is very intense. Prior to the program, you submit a needs assessment survey and sample presentation to work on during the workshop. We start by learning presentation fundamentals, which you apply to your presentation. Then, you practice presenting it and use feedback from watching yourself on video, and from the class, so you can develop and deliver powerful presentations. During the following two-weeks; you can tweak your presentation and send it to the coach for more feedback, as well as pose additional questions.

What You Will Learn

* Focus the content (i.e., What's the point? Are the key messages clear?)
* Organize the presentation to produce easy comprehension.
* Use a compelling style (i.e., use "power" words and charts)
* Transform boring/complex concepts into powerful "visual metaphors"
* Coordinate your speech and the visuals so they complement one another
* Develop a clear, properly paced, speaking style that makes you feel comfortable and powerful, and "speaks" your audience's language

How You Will Benefit

* More succinct and focused presentations
* PowerPoint presentations that are easy to follow and interesting to watch
* More confidence in your public speaking skills
* More power and punch in your presentation style - for greater impact!

Who Should Attend

* Senior Executives - C-level professionals who make management, financial, marketing, investor and sales presentations
* Investment Bankers, Venture Capitalists and entrepreneurs seeking funding
* Professionals who make presentations at conferences, media events, etc.


New York
1221 Ave. of the Americas
New York
New York
United States