18th DYMAT Technical Meeting The Behaviour of Bulk Nanomaterials and Metallic Glasses under Dynamic  (18th DYMAT TM)

Venue: Duc Jean conference room

Location: Bourges, France

Event Date/Time: May 30, 2008
Abstract Submission Date: Jun 27, 2008
Paper Submission Date: Jul 18, 2009
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The 18th DYMAT Technical Meeting will cover theoretical, experimental & numerical approaches to the dynamic mechanical behaviour of bulk nanomaterials and metallic glasses. The presentations will provide a complete description of the material processes and of the microstructural and conventional mechanical properties of the studied materials. Keynote oral presentations have been selected by the scientific committee. The call for posters papers will end on June 27, 2008. The oral and poster presentations will be published as a DYMAT proceedings.

Provisional programme :


Introductory lecture:"Industrial and environmental issues of nanomaterials"
G. Nicolas1 and F. Bernard2 ; 1 : Cime Bocuze, St Pierre en Faucigny ; 2 : Institut Carnot de Bourgogne, France
Strain rate effects on the mechanical response of a poly methyl methacrylate / organoclay nanocomposites
R. Matadi , N. Bahlouli ; R. Matadi and S. Ahzi, Strasbourg University, France
Static and dynamic fracture of transparent alumina
A. Belenky1, I. Bar-On1-2, and D. Rittel1 ; 1 : Technion, Haifa, Israël; 2 : Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
Ultrafine materials processed from nanopowders: microstructure and mechanical properties
G. Dirras1 and J. Gubicza2 ; 1 : Paris XIII University, France; 2 : Eotvös Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary
High strain rate response of nanostructured and microstructured nickel elaborated by spark plasma sintering
H. Couque1, L. Minier2, S. Legalett2, F. Bernard2, G. Nicolas3, and F. Barthelèmy4 ; 1 : Nexter Munitions ; 2 : Institut Carnot de Bourgogne; 3 : Cime Bocuze, St Pierre en Faucigny; 4 : Etablissement Technique de BourgeS, DGA, France
Behaviour of nano nickel based composites and nano nickel under high loading rate
A. Jung1, H. Natter1, E. Lach2 and R. Hempelmann1 ; 1 : University of Saarland, Germany; 2 : French-German Institute ISL, Germany
Dynamic response of severe plastic deformation processed 1070 aluminium at various temperatures
V-T. Kuokkala1, J. Kokkonen1, B. Song2, W. Chen2, L. Olejnik3 and A. Rosochowski4 ; 1 : Tampere University of Technology, Finland; 2 : Purdue University, USA; 3 : Warsaw Technical University, Poland; 4 : University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
Ballistic protection capability of submicro and nano ceramic against kinetic energy penetrators
E. Lach, T. Wolf and M. Scharf ; French-German Institute ISL, Germany
Mechanical properties of a Mg-9Li alloy treated by severe plastic deformation under dynamic loading
E. Lach1, A. Redjaimia2, E. Kahana3, A. Ben-Artzy3, A. Bohmann1 and M. Scharf1 ; 1 : French-German Institute ISL, Germany; 2 : Nancy University, France; 3 : Rothem Industries, Israël
Dynamic behaviour of nanomaterials
KT Ramesh, Q. Wei and S. P. Joshi ; The Johns Hopkin University, Baltimore, USA
Influence of the microstructure on the ballistic resistance of submicron alumina
E. Straßburger1 and A. Krell2, 1 : Fraunhofer EMI; 2 : Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany
Dynamic response of nanostructured hardmetals
S. Yeshurun, MOD, Israël


Effect of the chemical composition on the mechanical behaviour of bulk metallic glasses
Y. Champion1, P. Ochin1, S. Nowack1, H. Couque2 and G. Nicolas3 ; 1 : CNRS Vitry ; 2 : Nexter Munitions ; 3 : Cime Bocuze, St Pierre en Faucigny, France
Shear banding and fracture behaviour of bulk metallic glasses under dynamic loadings
L.H.Dai, M.Q.Jiang, L.F.Liu and Y.L.Bai ; Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Deformation kinetics of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses - temperature and strain rate influences on shear banding
F. Dalla Torre, A. Dubach and J.F. Löffler, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland.
Shear bands and size effects in bulk metallic glasses
K.T. Ramesh and B.E. Schuster ; The Johns Hopkin University, Baltimore, USA
Examination of the link between thermodynamic parameters and plasticity in bulk metallic glasses
I. Todd, R. Hand, H. Davies, J. Plummer, I. Figueroa Vargas, Department of Engineering Materials, Sheffield University, UK

Scientific commitee :
Dr. N. Bahlouli (Strasbourg University, France)
Prof. J. Cirne (Coimbra University, Portugal)
Dr. H. Couque (Nexter Munitions, Bourges, France)
Prof. B. Dodd (retired Reading University, United Kingdom)
Dr. R. Dormeval (President of DYMAT, CEA, Is sur Tille, France)
Prof. G. Dyckmans (Royal Military Academy, Bruxelles, Belgique)
Prof. G. Gary (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France)
Prof. V. T. Kuokkala (Tampere University Technology, Finland)
Dr. E. Lach (ISL, French-German Institute ISL, Germany)
Dr. A. Lichtenberger (Treasurer of DYMAT, retired ISL, France)
Dr. F. Llorca (CEA, Is sur Tille, France)
Dr. W. G. Proud (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)
Prof. C. Siviour (Oxford University, United Kingdom)
Dr. P. Viot (ENSAM, Talence, France)
Dr. S. Walley (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)
Prof. R. Zaera Polo (Carlos III University, Madrid, Spain)


Additional Information

The registration fee (including the proceedings, the lunches, the dinner, the guided visit and the banquet) for the meeting is 250 € for participants and DYMAT members and 300 € for non-DYMAT members. The fee for accompanying person for the dinner, the guided visit and the banquet is 100 €. June 27, 2008 : Deadline for receipt of expressions of interest in making a poster presentation. POSTER APPLICATION ON THE WEB July 11, 2008 : Deadline for technical meeting registration and hotel reservation. REGISTRATION FORM ON THE WEB July 18, 2008 : Deadline for receipt of final version of papers (both oral and poster) for publication in the proceedings. PUBLICATION FORMAT ON THE WEB July 25, 2008 : Final programme with oral and poster presentations on the web. September 10, 2008 : Opening of the conference.