Labour Underutilisation, Skill Shortages & Social Inclusion: Three sides of the same coin! (2008 CofFEE Conferen)

Venue: The University of Newcastle

Location: Callaghan, NSW, Australia

Event Date/Time: Dec 04, 2008 End Date/Time: Dec 05, 2008
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 01, 2008
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Call For Papers
We are calling for papers for the open sessions which broadly address the major theme of the conference.
Papers are particularly welcome in the following research and policy areas:

- What is full employment? How is it defined and measured? How close are we to achieving full employment? What are the challenges that remain?
- The increasing problem of underemployment and marginal workers.
- How can the new Federal Government’s social inclusion agenda be designed and implemented.
- The skills shortage debate - what is the extent of the problem and what are the solutions? Who should be responsible for skills development?
- The challenge of the VET system - is a competitive VET market the best way to develop skills?
- Employment guarantees - why are several countries now turning to Job Guarantee-type policies to combat poverty and unemployment? What are the lessons for Australia?
- Why do disparities in regional labour markets persist? What is the extent of the problem and its solutions? Spatial patterns of work and housing.
- Long term, youth, disabled and indigenous unemployment
- Welfare to work issues.

Special Workshops
We plan to hold two special workshops during the Conference and researchers and policy makers are invited to submit papers and/or proposals if they wish to present at these workshops.

Workshop 1: Creating effective employment solutions for Australian regions.

Workshop 2: Enhancing employment opportunities for the mentally disabled.

Deadline for Abstracts
Detailed paper submission guidelines including dates can be found on the Conference WWW site. The relevant dates for abstract submission are as follows:

Refereed Stream 1 September 2008.
These papers will be included in a printed volume of conference proceedings (which will constitute a referred conference paper under Australian government rules).

Non Refereed Stream 29 September 2008.


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