Event Date/Time: Oct 08, 2008 End Date/Time: Oct 08, 2008
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Despite advances in helth and medical care, men's health continues to be an issue of concern. In the UK men live on average 4.5 years less than women. This is often said to be related to men being reluctant to utilise health services, being more likely to take risks with their health in terms of drinking, smoking etc. and less able to generate or sustain the social connections that promote good health and ameliorates the impact of ill-health. Yet men should not be homogenised. The health practices of different groups of men are known to differ and men can and do consider ways to promote their own health and that ov others given the right sets of circumstances.

Conference Aims
The University of Central Lancashire is developing a series of conferences that will provide a critical comentary on contemporary issues that impact on the health and well-being of men. The first of these is a one day event that aims to look at men's access to and engagement with health care and men's relationships. It will address creative ways of increasing men's access to health services and will focus on aspects of men's relationships and wellbeing.

This conference will provide participants with an understanding of:
- Gender inequalities and the effect on health and access to services
- The role of men and masculinity within society
- Communication and engagement processes used in promoting sexual health and well-being in men
- The effectiveness of multi-professional and multi-agency working in relation to teenage fathers, male violence and relationships within Afro-Caribbean families.

Who should Attend?
Health & social care professionals, academics, researchers and others who have an interest in these issues.