Venue: Ecorismo

Location: Arles, France

Event Date/Time: Mar 17, 2009 End Date/Time: Mar 18, 2009
Registration Date: Mar 10, 2009
Early Registration Date: Nov 01, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Nov 30, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Nov 30, 2009
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ECORISMO is the unique annual forum and trade-fair on eco-products and environmental solutions dedicated to the hospitality and tourism industries in Europe.

 Well-informed and professional visitors

More than 2300 professional entries were recorded coming from various sectors like hotels, restaurants, camping sites, public services dedicated to tourism…in 2008 (a progression by 16% vs 2007). All the exhibitors, more than a hundred, have notified the quality of their contacts during the two days session. Indeed, a big part of visitors are professionals already concerned by environmental issues and sustainability within their business. They are demanding the « environmental » performance of the products.

 Decision-makers and buyers

More than 83% of visitors in 2008 are purchasing managers, operations owners and managers. They are actual decision-makers. Numerous hotel chains representatives have also come in 2008: Groupe Accor, Châteaux et Hôtels de France, Best Western, Relais du Silence, Club Med, Pierre & Vacances, SBM of Monaco, Concorde Hotels & Resorts,…
ECORISMO enables you to meet many private owners, hotel chains managers, restaurant chains managers, camping sites owners, major union representatives, institutional bodies…

 Visitors are more and more of European origin

Communication of the ECORISMO staff not only in France but also in Europe is this year even more reinforced. New contacts in Europe are set up to prepare the 2009 session.

 Communication towards professional press

ECORISMO is dispatching regular press releases (every month) throughout the year. Radio Trafic FM is also broadcasting live from ECORISMO.

 A short event but tightly packed to cut off your costs

Two days only: no waste of time, reduction of exhibition global costs, concentration of events to foster exchanges, reduced environmental impact!

 A federative event supported by professionals

About a hundred of international and national partners are supporting the event :

Some of the numerous ECORISMO partners:
UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) – UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation) - ADEME France - International Hotel & Restaurant Association - Réseau des Parcs Naturels Régionaux de France - Chaîne Cévéo - Chaîne Huttopia - Revue Hôtels & Techniques - Club Med - UMIH Fédération Française des Syndicats UMIH - Chaîne des Logis de France (Fédération Internationale des Logis) - Groupe Accor - Secrétariat d'Etat à la Consommation et au Tourisme - - Groupe Pierre & Vacances - Ethic'Etapes - Green Globe - Cévennes Ecotourisme - Réseau Tourisme & Sites - AMFORHT Association Mondiale pour la Formation en Hôtellerie Tourisme - Direction du Tourisme - Fédération Française de Camping Caravaning - Office National des Forêts Revue Accueillir Magazine - La Clef Verte - Réseau Cap France - Caisse d'Epargne - Chaîne Sites et Paysage - Revue Néo-Restauration - Réseau Ethique et Toques – Afac-Afnor - NF Environnement - Radio Traffic FM - l'Hebdomadaire L'Hôtellerie - SYNHORCAT Syndicat National de l'Hôtellerie Restauration - Eco-Label Européen - Ministère de l'Ecologie et du Développement Durable - Assemblée des Départements de France - Chaîne Villages de Gîtes - Réseau Rando-Accueil - Assemblée des Chambres de Commerce et d'Industrie de France - Chaîne Les Balcons Verts - Groupe Best Western - Chaîne Citôtel - Ecole de Savignac - FUAJ Fédération Française des Auberges de Jeunesse - Club des plus Belles Baies du Monde – Tourisme & Handicaps - Association Nationale Roumaine de Tourisme Ecologique et Rural - Association France EcoTourisme - Région PACA - United Nations Environnemental Programme - Organisation Mondiale du Tourisme - Réseau La Via Natura - SNELAC Syndicat National des Parcs de Loisirs - Fédération Française des S.E.M. - UNAT - Leaders Club, association de groupes de restaurants - etc …

 To belong to the Ecorismo exhibitors Club

This ECORISMO exhibitors Club enables you to belong to the restrictive partner group of ECORISMO leading to:
- On-going exchanges and contacts before and after the event
- Access to the regular ECORISMO eco-news
- A regular communication of the members of the Club with purchasing managers of groups and networks.

- A regular communication with FRANCOIS–TOURISME–CONSULTANTS customers and any potential buyers.

 To benefit from the Ecorismo Eco-Purchasing Club

ECORISMO has created the Eco-Purchasing Club gathering purchasing managers of major hotel and restaurant chains. Up to day, about 25 senior managers belong to this Club.
The purpose is to organize a workshop with these managers during the 2009 session.


ECORISMO is offering several opportunities to exhibitors:

 The trade-fair :

First of all, boots are offering a privileged space to welcome visitors. During two days, exhibitors can prensent their products or environmental solutions to professionals.

 The forum :

As a complement, the ECORISMO forum enables exhibitors to organize live events in order to communicate even better about their environmental solutions… Conferences, demonstrations, happenings… Many possibilities which objective must stick with information and education. 80 events were organized in 2008, welcoming more than 1900 professionals !

 The internet showcase :

On the website, the showcase enables exhibitors to display their logo with a link to their own website. The ECORISMO website is welcoming on average hundred professional visitors per day. Unlike many other fairs, ECORISMO has chosen not to publish any fair paper catalogue. The internet showcase is more performing as it is updated on a regular basis throughout the year !

 The Ecorismo Trophies :

The ECORISMO Trophies have been created to support the best environmental initiatives. They are already considered as the reference of the « Environment Trophies » within this industry!

Three Trophies were awarded during ECORISMO 2008. Five to six are planned to be awarded during 2009. These prices will award the best environmental initiatives within the hospitality and tourism industries. Exhibitors can associate themselves to a Trophy, acting as organizer or as a sponsor.

The ECORISMO Trophies can be fully disconnected from the forum and trade-fair. The purpose is to use the Trophies as a major communication event during the rest of the year.

For more details about the Ecorismo Trophies, please contact:
Tourism & Environnement Consultant
ECORISMO Vice-president
Tél. : +33 (0)5 61 20 93 38


 An « eco » - organization

ECORISMO is a peculiar and practical state of mind: to help and contribute to preserve our planet with a huge and massive environmental implication from all actors of the hospitality and tourism industries. The ECORISMO environmental process is developed and structured within an official on-going certification (EMAS recording, Bilan Carbon method). Examples of actions: communication objects and supports defined according to eco-criteria, eco-conception of stands, no carpet, low consumption lightings, selected waste disposals, communication towards visitors, exhibitors, speakers with the ECORISMO Pacts…
Exhibitors are sure to collaborate with responsible organizers regarding environmental issues.

 A Committee for Exhibitor Selection (CES)

The Committee for Exhibitor Selection (CES, panel of experts on environmental issues) has the main objective to make sure all propositions from exhibitors will guarantee the best environmental quality products, and solutions will lead to environmental impact reductions in the hospitality and tourism industries.
CES decides:
 To accept an appliacation. Candidate will become an ECORISMO exhibitor on reception of his booking form and deposit.
 To postpone its decision, waiting for additional information.
 To refuse an application.

Applications are gone through according to the following criteria (non exhaustive list):
 Environmental benefit and no pollution transfer to another product life cycle.
 Innovative features or bringing some potential interest or use to ECORISMO visitors.
 Global environmental responsability of the exhibitor.

 A fruitful but mainly friendly exhibitor dinner party

The ECORISMO organizers have also thought to reinforce the links between exhibitors. They are offering them a dinner party in a friendly atmosphere. The idea is to meet each other during the first evening to make exchanges, swap contacts and why not make business together!


Palais des Congres