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Fast urban development is the background of corruption

Author: Negar Hosseinian
B.A (Urban Planning)
Islamic Azad University of Mashad

During the times, the cities have been developing continuously, but some times the fast urban development has made some problem which one of them is corruption. Here in this article we are going to know that how fast urban development creates corruption and in what social and economical conditions it has been made.
This kind of urban development is more common in developing countries and through the years, the cities have been vastly sprawled with no plan. Of course they are still moving toward rural dwelling around the cities. In this manner, the rural settlements gets melted in them, however, there are still some differences in urban and rural culture, which bring up the collapse of social and customized structural changes and since people do not have equal facilities, so it makes some separations in social classes which in a long time leads in corruption, more crimes as a result it can threatened the peace, security and as a hole mental health of citizens which lead the cities to social instability.
In this article we will talk about one of these rural areas which have kept its organic fabric and are new surrounded by the new urban fabric. This village is named Ghaleye Abkooh (Abkooh Castle). It is located in the second metropolis, Mashad, in east of Iran.
This village that had already been around Mashad has gradually become one of the local places in this city, but it has not been able to balance itself with urban social manners yet, so it has made some social and economical unrest such as:
Low literacy , high family dimension, high population density, low living standards, unemployment, illegal and informal jobs, low price of lands, uncertain in ways of possession on residential lands, multifamily inhabitants, no social control and security , creation of less defendable spaces and some other similar factors.
In conclusion, in this article we try to analyze the above indexes through complete social and economical approach thus we will find out the basis of corruption in this area and we will consider the role of fast urban development on this issue.


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