Event Date/Time: Jun 09, 2008
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Corporations all over the world face the untenable position that the market is going down and yet their legal fees are still going up. As corporations increasingly find themselves in litigation, which can span years and jurisdictions, the cost of finding, hiring, and managing outside counsel can become a monumental and expensive task. In-house counsel need to look for new ways to revamp their relationship with outside lawyers and their internal organisation in order to bring down the bottom line. Alternative fee arrangements, advanced technology, off-shoring and outsourcing are all methods some companies are utilising to get the most bang for their buck.

This brand new event enables in-house and outside counsel to come together to take a hard look at what other companies and industries are doing to reduce and organise their legal fees. Delegates should be prepared to evaluate the possibility that simply because they have always done something, does not mean it may be the most cost effective. This is about value for money: are you doing everything you can to make sure your legal work is being performed competently by the right people – or by people at all – and at the right price?

C5's Corporate Counsel Forum on Reducing Legal Costs will provide up-to-date information and a practical focus that in-house counsel, chief counsel, and outside counsel can implement immediately in order to reduce the cost of legal work without compromising quality.

Hear from leading European and international speakers on:

Assessing your ability to offshore your legal work
Negotiating and maintaining offshore agreements
Understanding alternative staffing arrangements: outsourcing, consulting, and temping
Creating value through the use of legal panels and preferred firms
Managing your international law firms
Negotiating and maintaining non-traditional fee arrangements
Modifying or terminating a law firm relationship
Preserving quality and savings via the RFP process
Utilising the benchmarking process to reduce costs
Strategies for predicting costs and anticipating risk
Taking advantage of existing and emerging technology to monitor the bottom line