Event Date/Time: Jun 11, 2008
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Commercial Space Technology in the Middle East: Although not a traditional aerospace region, Middle East and especially the State of Abu Dhabi, is preparing itself as a serious aviation and aerospace commercial, technical and services hub. Therefore this event will play a major role in the emergence of a larger regional Aero/Space economy.

The forum intends to provide this region with a working model that can assist existing and new players who are looking at the immense opportunities provided by commercial space technology and its applications.

It hopes to present a launch pad to kick start the regional space industry and also demonstrate how non-space organizations can contribute and benefit from the emerging global commercial space industry.

Vision: This will be a global event seeking to promote the exchange of information related to space technology applications, research & developments, possible commercialisation and investment opportunities.

Theme: Developments in space technology represent a new frontier of opportunities. Across the globe, nations are beginning to reap the benefits from their huge advances in space research that has resulted in many innovative commercial applications and opportunities.

From Space Based Solutions, Services and applications to Space Tourism, the Space Sector is not longer soley the domain of the traditional players like governments and major corporations. Developments in technology have made it possible for entrepreneurs and even small businesses to seek ambitious space projects thus marking the launch of a truly global commercial space industry.

Preliminary studies show that space technology can provide many alternative solutions to the issues of today and the future. These solutions offer energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional solutions. And now, more than ever before, governments and private corporations are realizing the importance and benefits of space technology, its commercial applications and also related investment opportunities


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