Venue: Pondicherry Engineering College

Location: Pondicherry-605 014, Pondicherry, India

Event Date/Time: Jun 16, 2008
Abstract Submission Date: Aug 30, 2008
Paper Submission Date: Oct 30, 2008
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Booming economic growth, rapid industrialization and high standard of living of the global population demand more and more energy in different forms. Since the quantity of available energy from conventional resources shrinks day by day, development of newer or renewable energy technologies and improvement of conventional technologies become necessary to meet the energy demand in the future. While the quest for sustainable energy technologies persists to cater the need for energy, selective task groups of research and development community across the globe review continually current energy consumption methodologies from energy conservation point of view and advocate for a good understanding of the mechanisms involved in every step of energy transformations from the primary thermal or mechanical energy to the end-use forms of energy like electricity for both the improvements and innovations of the technology.

This conference will provide a unique platform for world-wide academia, engineers, industrialists, scientists and the governmental decision-makers to discuss on the advances in energy engineering and its allied fields. The themes for deliberations during the conference include newer developments in conventional energy sources, alternate energy sources and their utilization, analyses of energy systems, clean energy and bio-fuels, energy transformation and transmission, energy-consuming devices, energy instrumentation and environmental impacts.

Research papers on wide ranging topics pertaining to energy engineering and its allied fields of science and engineering will be presented during the first two days of the conference. A panel discussion will be held at the end of the second day for formulating the pragmatic suggestions towards implementing energy policy and improving energy systems. The final day of the conference will see the eminent researchers handling tutorial sessions for the benefit of research scholars.

The conference will be organized jointly by the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering and will be held in the Auditorium Complex of Pondicherry Engineering College.


Additional Information

CALL FOR PAPERS Original papers describing current research in the following themes are invited in, but not limited to the following areas. * Energy conversion systems (conventional energy) * Nuclear energy * Hydropower * Technology of energy, resource exploitation and processing * New and renewable energy sources and technologies * Hydrogen energy * Fuels and Alternatives * Emerging Energy Technologies * Combined heat and power technologies * Energy and Sustainable Development * Energy Storage * Fuel cells * Batteries * Energy nanotechnology * Advances in power generation * Transmission, planning, distribution and automation * Distributed energy systems * Electrical machines * Adjustable speed drives * Power Grid Integration * Energy system protection * Economic evaluation of power systems and utilities * Energy forecasting * Energy system modeling, simulation and optimization * Energy conservation and management * Energy policy, economics, and planning * Energy security and risk assessment * Environmental impacts of energy systems * Green Energy * Low carbon technologies * Energy Efficient systems Prospective authors should submit an extended abstract to the Organizing Secretary by e-mail (soft copy) / by post (hard copy). The extended abstract not exceeding 500 words should be neatly typed (Times New Roman -12 pt., double spaced , A4 size) and clearly indicate the objective, methodology and results of the study. Authors name, affiliation and address (including e-mail) should be mentioned in the extended abstract. Title of the Paper (14 point with Bold face) Corresponding Author *, Author (12 point with italics with bold face) Full Address of the author (12 point with italics) Full Address of the author (12 point with italics) The maximum number of pages of the final paper is limited to eight pages in a single column format. Text should be 1.5 spaced. The fonts of the headings of the manuscript should be Times New Roman 12 points, bold starting at the left hand side. Sub-headings should be typed in Times 12 points, Italic. Equations should be numbered at the right hand side sequentially in parenthesis. References shall be numbered consecutively as they are cited with square brackets. References should be listed in a separate sheet at the end. Articles from journals: Name of the authors, common abbreviation of the title off journal, volume in bold, year in parenthesis, first page of the article. Articles from books: Name of the authors, title of the book, editors in parenthesis, publishers, place of publisher, page number, year, All figures (photographs. graphs or diagrams) and tables along with their legends should be cited at the end of the text after references in a separate sheet. Figures are to be prepared with high resolution. * Corresponding Author : Name, Address with Tel no, Fax and E-mail