Click Digital & Online Marketing Summit

Venue: TBC

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Event Date/Time: Oct 26, 2008 End Date/Time: Oct 29, 2008
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· Definition of terms: So what is [conference title] all about anyway?

Digital marketing consists of search engine optimization, permission-based email marketing, mobile marketing, social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook), podcasting, bluecasting, consumer-generated content (YouTube), online coupons, blogging, viral advertising etc.

Online advertising is a subset of digital marketing. It is model based largely on traditional marketing metrics and thinking. Online advertising learns its lessons from television, print, and radio. Examples of online advertising are banner ads, in-game advertising and website/content sponsorships.

For this event we will also be focussing on:

Mobile Marketing: SMS

Digital TV ?

Although it is the latest buzzword, new challenges are cropping up within new media. In the Middle East, marketers are very excited about digital media but still wary of these new mediums. They have been using traditional mediums for so long they are scared of transferring their budgets into a completely new mediums that they know little about.

They can see that consumer media habits and increased usage of these mediums means that they HAVE TO start using digital marketing, but the market here is very mucn under-educated. Marketers are grappling with issues like-

With so many options/platforms, which media do I invest in? Which is the most effective, cheapest, will give me the most bang for my buck?

In the Middle East, with no proven market research figures, how do I really know if digital marketing will really be reaching + engaging my consumers?

What about the effect on my brand?

What are the creative limitations of digital media platforms?

It is critical with all the buzz that is being created with the advantages of new media, marketing directors are still closely looking at how they can optimize their digital marketing spend.

Looking at the pace of change in terms of digital media usage in this region – marketers need to start choosing and integrating these mediums into their campaigns NOW in order to NOT LOSE OUT on market share. Experts in the region are estimating timescales of 1 year by when marketers should already be having these mediums fully integrated into their strategies