Venue: Arusha International Conference Centre

Location: Arusha, Tanzania, Tanzania

Event Date/Time: Jun 24, 2008
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In-Sync Ltd Company in collaboration with Trace Tracker and The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) invites you for a three days conference and exhibition on Food Safety and Traceability to be held in Arusha, Tanzania. The conference is aimed at tackling issues associated with safety and traceability in the Food, Flower and Beverage Industry and have your questions and concerns addressed.

Events Background:

The conference lastly held in Nairobi April last year has become the leading forum for the continent’s Food, Flower and Beverage Industry. Increasing demands for traceability of products supplied to trading partners has placed considerable demands on Africa to comply. In particular, perishable products have been singled out for increased scrutiny as to their origin, date of processing and dispatch. The Conference sets out to provide a forum for participants to experience case studies from other nations, to understand the global standards that are being sought and to share information on appropriate technology and its application in solving the Trade and Traceability issues that confront them.

By providing a platform for producers, researchers, users and technology suppliers to network and share knowledge, the conference will act as a catalyst for fresh produce and food industry participants to become involved in meeting the traceability demands of the future and creating a safe food supply chain. This year's conference in particular, aims to explore the linkages between quality information exchange and trade.



§ Global Traceability and Food Safety – TraceTracker

§ Trade and Traceability Challenges in the Fresh Produce Sector - TAHA

§ Egyptian Experience in Development of Appropriate Traceability Systems – GS1 Egypt

§ Analysis of the Emerging Ethiopian Flower and Coffee Sector – Rep. from Ethiopia

§ Food Value Chain Visibility on the Internet: Connecting the dots with the Global Traceability Networks – TraceSoft

§ Who plucked my Tea; Fair trade and challenges in the tea sector - KTDA

§ Security and savings for the Fresh Produce Industry with GS1 – Fresh Produce Traceability – GS1 South Africa

§ Bar coding Standards and automatic data capture; A pilot study by Floralholland and GS1 Kenya -

§ Grown Under the Sun: Mitigating the effects of Carbon miles for African Fresh Produce, the case for Kenya - KFC

§ Implementation of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Agreement, in Tanzania and Tanzania’s Path to compliance – Tanzania Ministry of Agriculture, food security and cooperatives, Plant health

§ The Fish Export Industry, an update of compliance and way forward for East African Lake Fish – Kenya Fish Processors & Exporters Ass.

§ Off loading surplus inventory through direct sales, emerging online strategies - TraceSoft

§ Traceability Project for the coffee Industry - TIRDO


§ Food standards and overview of Food Safety Status in Tanzania – Traceability T

§ Fair Trade Certification in Africa: Gains, challenges and opportunities for Africa - FLO, East africa

§ IS0 22000 Food & Safety standards and Pre-Audits preparations for inspections – Bureau Veritas Group

§ Global Platform for traceability of Halal Products worldwide – Trace Tracker

§ Bringing inspections services to the SMEs – KEPHIS

§ Prospect and Drivers for Livestock Traceability in East Africa

§ Direct sales: Trade and safety requirements by European importers –

§ Product differentiations through Traceability: A case study of Uganda Coffee Industry – Uganda Coffee Development Authority

§ Labeling solutions for Traceability: Intermec UK

§ Precision Crop Protection: Scarab Consult Ltd

§ Integrated Solutions for traceability: Managing Traceability from farm to fork: solutions for small growers – TraceSoft & Advantech


§ Koekedouw Emerging Farmers Association, South Africa, Community based traceability centre, Successes and learning pints -

§ GMPBasic Patented Identification, Traceability Livestock software solutions

§ Review of conference proceedings and actions for the year

§ Closing remarks – Ministry of Trade, Industries and Marketing, Tanzania


§ Tanganyika Coffee Curing Company, Moshi Tanzania – Guide: Giorgina Cataneo: UNIDO

§ Tengeru Flower Farm: Global Traceability in Action, Arusha – Guide: Mark Ngalo, Tengeru flowers Arusha


Additional Information

This year we have introduced discussions on the influence of technology on trade practices as buyers seek more information on the origins of product which in turn is beginning to influence the prices paid for commodities. Key target audience: § Senior Managers in perishable and dry produce industries § Food Technicians, Representatives of Farmers’ Co-operatives § The Food packaging and handling industry § Representatives of Horticultural and Floricultural Growers § Representatives of Food Processing Organizations § Members of African Country Standards Bureaux § Product Identification Technology Suppliers § Consultants to the Food Industry § GS1 Member Organizations. § Government Export promotion bodies § Agricultural development agencies § Government members § Extension workers