Retention in Online Education: Return on Investment in Four Steps

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Event Date/Time: Jun 24, 2010 End Date/Time: Jun 24, 2010
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Retention in Online Education: Return on Investment in Four Steps June 24th & July 15th, 3-4:30pm EDT (2-part online workshop) etention_p/836.htm NOTE: Payment is not required prior to event date (choose check by mail or PO as payment method when registering). The recording is always included and is accessible for one full year. OVERVIEW During the first part of this work-part workshop, participants will measure the cost of lost tuition at their institution due to their online student drop rates. We will review key reasons an online student leaves school. The information is based on an award winning dissertation on this topic, written by the speaker. Lastly, you will create an individualized action plan to increase the ROI at your institution. The second part of the 2-part workshop will be a follow up session to review and refine the individualized Retention ROI plan that participants created during the first session. This second section is a follow up on the webinar Retention in Online Education: Return On Investment in Four Steps. The participants have had a month to collect some data and measurements on, their current tuition loss per student that drops out and the total tuition money lost over a year by the institution. With this data in hand, the institution will have a way of quantifying the loss of tuition through attrition. Once the magnitude of the issue has been measured it is far easier to see why the institution should intervene. Often, college administrators will not implement a student retention program until they understand the financial bottom line. Once this is established then implementing the four step retention process is seen as a necessity for the survival of the institution. OBJECTIVES * How to measure current tuition loss per student that drops out * How to measure the total tuition monies lost over a year by the institution * How to understand, develop and implement a four step process to fix the retention issues * The return on investment in implementing such a retention process WHO SHOULD ATTEND? * Chief Financial Officer and staff * Deans of Online Education * Online Education Staff * Administrators: Presidents, Deans, Chairs, etc. * Directors of Admission and staff * Online and on campus faculty * Marketing Staff WHO IS THE SPEAKER? Dr. Mark Welch Recently, Dr. Welch was the Dean of Online Education for 12 campuses in the Western US, and is concurrently the dean of one of the campuses. This school now enrolls about 400 new online students per month. He has also been The Chair of Graduate Research, where he oversaw the research of 152 thesis students from 23 counties on three continents. His students included a Zimbabwe Tribal Chief and a financial advisor for Goldman Sachs. Mark graduated from Oxford Universities online program in history and has been a student in online courses at Harvard, UC Berkeley, and Stanford. He does public relations for Oxford & Cambridge Universities, in the western United States. He won two awards for his PhD dissertation where he found the cause and solution for a $230,000 per quarter retention issue at an online university. This seminar is based on this award winning research. He teaches at numerous online universities, including dissertation students at Argosy University, in one of the largest online doctoral programs in the country. Mark is the Executive Director of the Online Education Alliance, which trains universities on the ROI of online education; This year he is speaking at one of the largest online education conferences in the country, the eCollege national conference. Both sessions focus on the return on investment in online education. The first session covers the use of technology in online education - to maximize the financial bottom line. The second session focuses on ROI in recruiting, training and retention of faculty. The panelist in the second session include is a Dean of an Online MBA program with a branch in Taiwan. He also created a doctoral program in the former Soviet Union. He is a business partner in The Online Education Alliance. The third panelist, has been the President of three Argosy University campuses. Argosy is a member of EDMC, which has 110,000 students. Mark also has significant experience outside of academia. He has worked in the U.S. Congress, four years at the Department of Homeland Security, four years as an engineer for Microsoft and a decade as a management consultant. Enquiries: