2009 The 4th International Exhibition on Catalytic Technology, Product and Equipment in China (Shang

Venue: Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center

Location: shanghai, shanghai, China

Event Date/Time: Jul 10, 2008
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2009 The 4th International Exhibition on Catalytic Technology, Product and Equipment in China (Shanghai)
Time: March 18th -20th , 2009
Exhibition Hall:Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center(No. 88 Caobao Road)
Sponsor: The Catalysis Society of China
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University
Support unit:Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology
Organizer: School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University
Shanghai Sihai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
The time from promotion to closing of this conference will be about 1 year; there will be more than 1500 persons in the same occupation attend this conference and there will be more than 10000 professional persons browse the website of this conference. Related persons in the same occupation of catalysis will pay close attention to this conference and it will provide an exhibition, trade negotiation platform for product and technology to promote communication and cooperation among scientific research, publication, education and industry
This exhibition will be a high-level and large-scale distinguished meeting.
Welcome companies at home and abroad to sign up for exhibition!
Conference Schedule:
Check in and arrange:March 16th -17th ,2009 Opening: March 18th , 2009
Formal exhibition: March 18th -20th , 2009 Closing: March 20th , 2009
The content of exhibition:
◆Publishing Industry: Academic periodicals and books
◆Catalytic Material:Metal catalysts, catalytic cracking catalysts , catalysts for environmental protection, desulfurized catalysts, catalysts of amorphous alloy, homogeneous Catalysts, shift catalysts , heterogeneous catalysts, platinum carbon catalysts, Pd carbon Catalysts, Polyethylene Catalyst、polypropylene catalysts、Polyurethane catalysts、catalysts of metal oxide, metal carbide catalysts, nitride catalysts, phosphide catalysts, Phase-transfer Catalysts、Chemical Fertilizer Catalysts、catalysts of organic metal complex, biological enzyme catalysts, acid-base catalysts, Precious Metal Material, molecular sieve, catalyst carrier、 heteropolyacid, etc.
â—†The process of catalysis:
Petrochemical catalysis, fertilizer catalysis, methanol catalysis, organic chemical catalysis, fine chemical catalysis, environmentally protective catalysis, emission catalytic purification, enzyme catalysis, etc.
â—†Catalyst characterization:
Catalyst material characterization: X-ray diffraction (XRD), Specific surface test (BET), X-ray fluorescence spectrum (XRF), the emission of Spectrum of Plasma (ICP)
Catalyst appearance characterization: High-resolution electron microscope (HRTEM), Field Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscope(﹡FEG-SEM), Atomic Force Microscope(AFM), different sorts of reactor evaluation equipments, etc
â—†Catalyst structure characterization:
A. Spectrum characterization: Ultraviolet – visible (UV-Vis), infrared ray (IR), Raman, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (ESR), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), Mossbaucr, etc
B. Energy Spectrum characterization:
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), Auger electron spectroscopy(AES), Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS), Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS), Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (ISS), Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS), X ray absorption spectrum(EXAFS、XANES , etc
â—†Catalyst process characterization:
In situ Spectrum, in situ energy spectrum, in situ electron microscope, etc
Report Theme of Technology Seminar for Catalytic Combustion and Emission Purification:
1、CNG automobiles and motorcycles emission purifying catalysis and adaptations of entire automobiles
Speechmaker: Professor Chen Yaoqiang, Chemical College of Sichuan University
2、The development and expectation for Gasoline automobile pollution exhaust control technology and three-way catalysis
Speechmaker: Professor He Hong, the deputy president of Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering Research of College of Environmental and Energy Engineering of Beijing University of Technology
3、The latest research development for diesel car emission catalytic purification technology
Speechmaker: Professor Zhao Zhen, Chemical and Industrial College of China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
4、Nitrogen oxides catalytic purification technology and its applications in motive and stationary source burning emission pollution control
Speechmaker: Professor He Hong, Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences
This Conference aims at reducing the distances between the enterprises and the R&D units, discussing the industrialization approaches, existing problems of the above-mentioned technology, understanding the enterprise demands and technological achievements of R&D departments, as well as having different technical exchanges by different levels and ranges in order to advance the industrialization course of the above technology.
Standard exhibition unit: (3m × 3m) Vacant lot: ( No less than 36㎡)
Domestic enterprises: ¥8800/unit/exhibition period Domestic enterprises: ¥880/㎡/exhibition period
International exhibition zone: ¥13000/unit/exhibition period International exhibition zone: ¥1300/㎡/exhibition period
Foreign Enterprises: $3000/unit/exhibition period, Foreign Enterprises: $300/㎡/exhibition period
The fee of standard exhibition unit includes the expenses on exhibition lot, 9 m2 carpet, 2.5m-high wainscoting, lintel board, one negotiation desk, two chairs, 220V power socket and two daylight lamp. The fee of vacant lot includes the expenses on exhibition lot, safeguarding and cleaning services.
â–º The additional 20% fee will be charged if the enterprise choose two-opening unit.
â–º The conference fee: ï¿¥500/person (for conference data, lunch and souvenir)
â–ºStarting point of leasing the vacant lot is 36 m2 No equipment is provided. The participating units will be charged additional ï¿¥10 for installation management and electricity box.
The applicant should first fill in “ Participating Application and Contract”, then affix a seal on it, and next mail or fax it to the organization Committee of the exhibition. Within the 3 days of application the applicant should wire or take the exhibition fee to the organization committee. Our principle of allocating exhibition unit is “earlier application, earlier payment and earlier allocation”. In case of checking the applicant should fax cash remittance note to the organization committee.
After receiving “ Participating Application and Contract” and all the exhibition fees, the sponsor will send “the booklet of exhibition” to applicants.
The deposit will not be returned if the participating unit withdraws from the exhibition within the duration of it.
Conference book:
Conference proceeding will be given to traveling traders extensively during the conference, moreover, it will be sent to various systems in the industry and related users at home and abroad through ways of sponsor.
Conference book Cover Back cover Title page The
page The third page Across color page Color page Black and white page
RMB(ï¿¥) 28000 22000 15000 15000 10000 10000 6000 3000
USD($) 5000 4000 3000 3000 2000 2000 1500 1000
Other advertisement:
Invitation card:RMB ¥5000 /5000 sheets Ticket: RMB ¥3000/ten thousand sheets
Air balloon :RMB ¥5000/exhibition time Scroll: RMB ¥2000/exhibition time
Gas filled arch:RMB ¥8000 / exhibition time
(Note: invitation card and ticket will be printed from at least 30 thousand sheets)
Academic Lecture:
Foreign enterprise: $1500/ lecture (Note: The lecture lasts 90 minutes. If the lecture lasts less than 90 minutes, it will be regarded as lasting 90 minutes. Please fill in registration form if you want to listen to the lecture.)
Domestic enterprise: ï¿¥6000/lecture (90 minutes)
â–º We plan to publicize our exhibition through different media. We will advertise and publish report on famous authoritative specialized magazines, radio stations, e-newspapers to publicize the exhibition in an all-round way.
â–º500,000 visiting tickets will be printed. The producers, agents, and sales companies at home and abroad will be invited to the exhibition to negotiate, order and visit by sponsors and undertakers.
â–º We will invite embassy officials and representatives of chamber of commerce to the exhibition and form representative team with foreigners of the same profession.
â–º The staff of purchasing department of Chinese and foreign governments, the leaders of other enterprises, and relevant departments will come to the exhibition to make purchase and visit. Other trade associations, chambers of commerce, and buyers in China will also be invited.
► “The preview of exhibition” will be compiled elaborately in advance which offers the introduction of enterprises and products. It will be sent to important buyers.
â–ºUnlike other trade exhibitions, our exhibition features the organization of the visitors, and the effort to help participants find large numbers of suitable buyers and agents. Your expectation on one stop market expansion, the knowledge of general information about the development of the catalyst industry, the expansion of the sale, export of product and the increase of agents will be realized in the exhibition.
Assist invitation :
In order to make this conference to have more influence power, we hope to invite the unit with actual strength to be our assist unit, sponsor cordially invite persons in and out of the industry to attend actively to provide assistance for each item of the conference. Meanwhile, the assist unit will obtain the chance to enlarge its celebrity. Since the differences of expenses provided by enterprises and thus the differences of enjoyed rights, based on it, we classify the following classes: diamond class sponsors, platinum class sponsors and gold class sponsors (refer to the sponsor compensation rules)
other items:
Items such as deliveries of exhibits, lodgings of representatives will refer to the “exhibitor manual”
Exhibition Secretariat(Shanghai):
Address: Room 1607-1608, No.2 building Haishangjie position,No.588,Yingkouroad,
Shanghai Post Code:200433
Contact person:International Department Manager Nicole wu
Tel.:+86-21-55233500 Fax.:+86-21-55233900
Mob:+86-13641710818 E-mail: nicole.wu@263.net


Additional Information

Contact person:International Department Manager Nicole wu Tel.:+86-21-55233500 Fax.:+86-21-55233900 Mob:+86-13641710818 E-mail: nicole.wu@263.net