6th International Conference of Liver and Environment Risks& Solutions (LERS)

Venue: Tanta University centre of conferences

Location: Tanta, Gharbia, Egypt

Event Date/Time: Jul 14, 2008
Abstract Submission Date: Dec 10, 2008
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Dear professor,
I’m delighted to write to you; as an outstanding Professor Dr of
Hepatology, GIT and Infectious Diseases: Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt
My name: Abdel Raouf Abou El-Azm
President of the Egyptian Society of Liver and Environment
**We are preparing for: The 6th International Conference: LIVER AND ENVIRONMENT (RISKS &SOLUTIONS) Held at Tanta City, Egypt (Faculty of Medicine in the Medical Campus) and
Dating (January 8th - 9th /2009) and the deadline for abstract of research or lecture will be 10th December/2008: The official language of the conference is English
Weather in Tanta city and Egypt at this period is warm (16-25 C) neither cold nor hot and may be few rains
It is an opportunity to invite you for our conference and you will find a pilot work for a new field: towards a new strategy for control of liver diseases in developing countries.
Our concept is to deal with the start of the problem of liver diseases early before development of complications, in cooperation and share with other specialties as Vet. Medicine, Agriculture, Biology and Chemistry as they are responsible for human feeding in addition to Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy. The aim of our Society is to cover this new field and to help liver patients: medical, cultural, and social and also protect liver from danger of environmental risks.
Viral hepatitis without risks may persist in a silent state for many years and without complications. Pollution leads to liver infections, hepatotoxicity and hepatic carcinogenesis. Thousands of chemicals creep to our food, hundreds to drinking water, and thousands in industrial waste, drugs and smoking.
Our aim is to protect healthy liver and improve diseased liver (keep compensated): to minimize and retard complications.
The main topics are:
- Liver infections (Update Viral hepatitis A, B, C, D, E
and Other Liver Infections in the environment: viral, parasitic …… )
- Hepatotoxicity& detoxification (of common hepatotoxins in the environment :Fungal toxins, Pesticides, plant and animal toxins………)
- Hepatic carcinogenesis
- Pollution (water, food and soil) risk to human liver
- Nutrition could improve diseased liver
- Sports benefit and risk to human liver
- Social factors and liver
- Ethics and environmental behavior
- Miscellaneous subjects

Welcome you and I wonder if you will be interested in participation our next conference. For more information please link: aaboalazm@ems.org.eg
****The Egyptian Society of Liver and Environment will offer the best 10 works: free registration and accommodation in Tanta during the conference.
I would be grateful if you don’t mind passing this message to whoever may be interested in participation in this specialized conference by attendance or delivery (paper or lecture) and if you could provide me E mails of those who do you think may be interested in participation our next conference. Our collaboration may be a nucleus for future collaboration between our institutions as well.

Best regards.


Additional Information

*General Informations: The official language of the conference is English. Registration fees:( is low as possible in order to be affordable to all) -Scientific activity: 200 $ Fees include registration, conference lunch, coffee breaks and conference documents, conference bag, a pen and notepad Cash on the first day of the conference on the front desk.or Cheques to be payable to The Egyptian Society of Liver and Environment, Tanta or bank to bank transfere, Egypt, BANQUE MISR, Tanta branch Account number: 26224000011275 of the Egyptian Society of Liver and Environment. -The **best 10 scientific papers or lectures will be free from Registration fees (society fund) *Accommodations: Arafa Hotel**** and Panorama Hotel*** are convenient for accommodation during the conference. They are one minute from Tanta Railway station. Dead Line: the 20th September 2008 *Certificate of attendance will be available for all registered participants *Learning Session: for nurses and young physicians will be arranged *Correspondence: Abstracts are to be sent for Prof. Abdel Raouf Abou El-Azm