1st Global Conference: Revenge

Venue: Oxford

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Jul 15, 2010 End Date/Time: Jul 15, 2010
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1st Global Conference Revenge Thursday 15th July 2010 – Saturday 17th July 2010 Mansfield College, Oxford Call for Papers Revenge, so we are told, is a dish best served cold: a sweet wreaking of vengeance on those who have – either in reality or in our minds – slighted, wronged or in some way injured us and who are now enjoying their just deserts by an avenging angel (or angels) on the great day of reckoning. This inter- and multi-disciplinary research and publications project seeks to explore the multi-layered ideas and actions of vengeance or revenge. The project aims to explore the nature of revenge, its relationship with issues of justice, and its manifestation in the actions of individuals, groups, communities and nations. The project will also consider the history of revenge, its legitimacy, the scale of vengeful actions and whether revenge has (or should have) limits. Representations of revenge in film, literature, tv, theatre and radio will be analysed; cultural traditions of retaliation and revenge will be considered. The role of mercy, forgiveness and pardon will be assessed. Papers will be consider the following indicative themes: ~ the nature of revenge ~ the history of vengeance ~ the role of revenge ~ revenge, vengeance, retaliation: to avenge ~ justice and revenge; redressing the balance, just desert ~ betrayal, humiliation and revenge ~ revenge and the individual; revenge and the group; revenge and the nation ~ revenge in literature and the arts ~ revenge in music ~ revenge in tv, film, radio and theatre: the nemesis ~ mercy, forgiveness, pardon ~ case