Event Date/Time: Nov 24, 2008 End Date/Time: Nov 24, 2008
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 24, 2008
Paper Submission Date: Oct 24, 2008
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There is strong evidence that significant bottom-line improvements are achieved through better Governance, Risk and Compliance decisions in relation to implementing EU’s 4th, 7th and 8th directives.

EuroSox® encompasses numerous critical decisions and initiatives for the board and senior management. Due to lack of formal IT, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) frameworks, enterprises often lack awareness, knowledge and training to improve enterprise effectiveness. Avoid the struggle as Copenhagen Compliance® will provide the answers. Send the team!

Find out more about the current state of your GRC and IT Compliance practices;
How Good Governance influences strategic alignment
What Risk assessments entails for the board and senior management
Which Compliance challenges an organization will face in adopting effective GRC practices?

Copenhagen Compliance® Conference explores the complex challenges of security, audit, IT-governance, risk and compliance management to meet complex regulatory requirements;
Expert presentations will focus on issues that underline best practices on GRC programs.
The conference will provide insight and information on how to create strong and defensible GRC, EuroSox® and IT Compliance programs.
Learn new strategies that deliver real business value and reduce complexities by streamlining your GRC activities.

Benefits of attending Copenhagen Compliance® Conference;
Facilitate direction and help support your current Governance initiatives
Obtain a 360º perspective on Risk Management from top professionals
Expand your Compliance perspective or brush up on major IT frameworks
Identify gaps in current GRC and IT efforts that represent real business threats.

If you feel that GRC and IT Information is the least understood of the key assets in your organisation, it is about time that you participate in the Copenhagen Compliance® Conference. Send the team!

It is now our turn in Europe to implement Governance, Risks and Compliance standards that have caused much concern in the US and other countries.

All over Europe listed companies are continuously facing a growing number of challenges related to implementing compliance, risk, governance and internal controls issues. EU’s 4th, 7th and 8th directives represent from 2009 critical dependencies on many business processes. Copenhagen Compliance® will provide the answers

Concerns over the entire package of governance, risks and compliance responsibilities of publicly traded firms have been heightened by revelations of certain improprieties over the past years. This uncertainty has sent ripples to some companies while others have concentrated their efforts to implement better standards in corporate governance and internal controls. Copenhagen Compliance® will provide the answers

Copenhagen Compliance® focuses on internal and external regulations that affect and are putting pressure on the way companies run their daily business. Business issues like Sarbanes-Oxley, EU’s 4th, 7th and 8th directives (EuroSox®), Basel II, Solvency, MIFID, HIPAA and FDA are constantly getting more critical and should be addressed in order to obtain compliance. Copenhagen Compliance® will provide the answers by providing business cases and lessons learnt from past GRC implementations.

The real changes affected by the EU EuroSox®) directives are in accountability, internal controls, segregation of duties, transparency, board responsibilities, conflict of interests and disclosures. National legislations are compelling companies to make compliance a top priority by assessments and obligations. Copenhagen Compliance® will provide the answers

The Copenhagen Compliance® conference on November 24th 2008 will give Board members, compliance officers, auditors, attorneys and senior management the tools they need to reduce compliance risk and to sharpen your knowledge and skills to be equipped to meet the EuroSox® Compliance challenge with confidence.

The goal of the Copenhagen Compliance® event is to focus on the quality of the speakers and practical information conveyed. Recognized regulatory, audit, legal, and industry experts will convey the message on new regulatory developments and offer practical hands-on direction on establishing and updating compliance policies and procedures. Send the team…

When we confirm your registration to the Copenhagen Compliance® conference on November 24th 2008, we will provide you with a link to 23 Governance, risk and Compliance presentations from the 2 previous Copenhagen Compliance®. Conference. We provide you with the list.


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