The Living With Energy Awareness Training (USA1)

Venue: Private Home

Location: Walnut Creek, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 27, 2008 End Date/Time: Sep 28, 2008
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The Living With Energy Awareness Training is for you if:

* You feel the need to be able to cut through all the confusion in your life and start making decisions based on knowing what will really benefit you, your family or friends - and what is best avoided. The practices taught in the training go far beyond all the usual energy testing techniques by developing your own direct awareness of human and environmental energies.

* You want to develop your higher awareness but wish to avoid the pitfalls, belief systems and unnecessary behaviours or rituals so often included in many forms of personal or spiritual development.

You have some sense of energy or qi (maybe by doing tai chi, qi gong or some form of energy therapy, etc.) and would like to understand more about how it actually works, how it affects your life and how to cultivate yourown energy to bring more power, focus, happiness and success into any area of your life.

* You are in a caring profession and would like to develop your energy awareness to help your clients more effectively and empower your practice. As a health practitioner, Energy Awareness methods can easily be integrated into your current practice for increased awareness of the effects of your treatment on your client. The Living With Energy Awareness Training includes clear and easy-to-follow protocols for you.

What will happen on the training?

During this highly practical 2-day workshop for awakening to your energy, you'll learn a unique and fascinating blend of energy awareness development techniques and key inner-energy cultivation work that will steadily transform your life. It's the beginning of living your life a different way - a way that empowers you to recognise the choices that lead to a happier and more fulfilling future. The Living With Energy Awareness training includes clear explanations of human and environmental energies and many unique demonstrations of how they affect you and your life. Each participant receives personal guidance and support. You will leave with a complete set of tools that you can use for the rest of your life. Some of the topics covered include:

* How to protect yourself from health-damaging energies and relationships - and beckon more empowering relationships and opportunities into all areas of your life.

* The Returning Life weave - a unique and powerful qi-cultivating exercise for recovering your lost energies and revitalizing your life. Every day we lose a little more energy. However, practitioners of the Returning Life tell us that people who haven't seen them for a while remark on how much younger they look!

* The route to whole-body energy awareness - simple ways to accurately identify which foods, relationships, exercises, medicines, colours, clothes, jewelry, therapies, teachers, houses, places or possessions will help or harm you or others. You will leave the training able to tell how anything is going to affect you and whether a decision is the right or wrong one for you.

* Environmental Energy Awareness - how to protect yourself from the increasing energetic (EMF, geopathic, sha chi and much more) stress and pollution in the world and how to use the energies in your environment (with which we are intimately integrated) for your personal development. Also, how to eliminate the foreign energies we all pick up from other people and demonstrations of the unique Energy Egg energy protection device.

* Manayoga - inner-energy cultivation methods which enable you to pass beyond physical means of testing energy - such as dowsing, muscle tests or electronic instrumentation - to direct energy awareness. The start of a life-long journey into the worlds of energy: body energy awareness, environmental energy awareness and spirit energy awareness.

* Awakening your dormant, psycho-energetic talents - an introduction to how developing your own essential creativity - your personal path - is the most powerful means of overcoming the root karmas or ongoing problems in your life. Addressing your root karmas is a journey of increasingly extraordinary discovery of who you are capable of being.

* Generating your fortune path - your future life is created by the decisions you take today, tomorrow and the day after that . . . because each decison affects your energy and your energy is your life! These techniques enable you generate the energy to transform current or future misfortunes - confusion, exhaustion, illness or failure - into opportunities for new wisdom, strength, happiness and success

If you are a doctor, therapist or other practitioner, you will learn simple protocols, that eaily integrate into your treatment or practice modality, for:

* Assessing the potential effectiveness of any treatment
* Increasing clients' responsiveness to treatment
* Identifying and eliminating environmental stresses preventing recovery
* Continuing your own energy awareness development

This is not a training for the mass market. It is transmitted directly, person to person, through the medium of unique exercises, concentrations and practices. This work gives you the opportunity to awaken your dormant talents - the psycho-energetic abilities with which each one of us is born but which, for most people, never reach the light of day. A great deal of attention is given to the empowerment process for each participant in the Living With Energy Awareness Training so course numbers are kept relatively small.

We invite you to join us in this life-changing experience.

Stephen & Lynda
The School of Energy Awareness


Private Home
Given after registration.
Walnut Creek
United States