Bionanotechnology II: from biomolecular assembly to applications (Bionano II)

Venue: Robinson College, Cambridge, UK

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Jul 24, 2008
Abstract Submission Date: Nov 04, 2008
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Proceedings (invited speakers) will be published in Biochemical Society Transactions

Oral communication slots are available at this meeting. All attendees, particularly researchers in the early stages of their career, are invited to submit a poster abstract for consideration as an oral communication.

Student Travel Grants are available for this meeting.

Nanotechnology has been widely touted as the basis of ‘the next industrial revolution’. A particular aspect of nanotechnology is its interface with the biological sciences, which has been dubbed ‘bionanotechnology’. This emerging discipline draws on biological inspiration and provides new tools to investigate biological systems with unprecedented resolution and input. Despite its impact on the biological sciences, nanotechnology has been largely driven by the physical science and engineering and we feel it’s now timely to engage life scientists in this exciting and rapidly developing area.

Dek Woolfson (University of Bristol, UK)
Tony Cass (Imperial College London, UK)

Biochemical Society Transactions
Portland Press Ltd

Andy Doig (University of Manchester, UK - Inhibition of Amyloid Aggregation
Athene Donald (University of Cambridge, UK)
Carole Perry (Nottingham Trent University)
Duncan Graham (University of Strathclyde, UK - Functionalised Nanoparticles for Bioanalysis
Jeff Hartgerink (Rice University, USA)
Liming Ying (Imperial College London, UK)-Applications of Nanopipette in Bionanotechnology
Louise Serpell (University of Sussex, UK)
Mike Butler (Unilever, UK)
Rein Ulijn (University of Manchester, UK)
Thomas Scheibel (University of Bayreuth, Germany)
Vicki Stone (Napier University)
Vince Conticello (Emory University, USA)


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