IMNs Distressed Investment Summit – Credit Crunch Strategies for Institutional Investors

Venue: La Quinta Resort and Club

Location: La Quinta, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Dec 16, 2008 End Date/Time: Dec 17, 2008
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Information Management Network is pleased to introduce the Distressed Investment Summit - Credit Crunch Strategies for Institutional Investors, to be held December 16-17 in La Quinta, CA.

Following the 2007 subprime meltdown and subsequent credit crunch, public pension funds and other institutional investors are repositioning portfolios hammered in the asset-backed markets. One currently popular reallocation involves investing in funds focused on distressed equities and debt. As a result of the most recent market cycle, investors are experiencing negative portfolio returns as ABS, MBS and CDO instruments deliver disappointing results and threaten overall fund performance. Through distressed investments, public funds and institutional investors aim to capitalize on the potentiality of oversized returns derived from buying low and selling high - the basic premise of distressed investment strategy.

Now in the midst of a distressed debt cycle, many public funds and other institutional investors are seeking out the hottest strategies emerging in today’s equity and debt markets. Topics include:

• Overview of Distressed Investing
• Director Roundtable: Public Pension Funds Find Value At Different Times In The Distressed Cycle
• Consultant Roundtable: Research And Trends For Public Funds Seeking To Move Into Distressed Investing
• Distressed Debt & Hedge Funds: Innovations In The Public Pension Fund Fixed Income Portfolio
• Opportunity Funds: A Popular Play For The Public Pension Fund
• Global Mergers & Acquisitions And Pension Fund Liability Strategy
• Public Pension Funds Capitalize On Leveraged Buyouts: Allocating Portfolio Assets Away From Traditional Equities
• Restructuring And Special Situations: Public Pension Funds And Corporate Partnerships
• Legal & Regulatory Update
• Cross Border Transactions: How Public Pension Funds May Invest In Opportunities And Meet Corporate Governance or SRI Related Mandates
• Europe And Asia: Distressed Opportunities Ripe For Public Pension Funds
• US Sector Picks: A Review Of The Best Current Opportunities
• Venture Capital
• Smoothing Out Volatility: Mezzanine Funds And Distressed Debt
• Jumping On The CDO/MBS Bandwagon: Public Pension Funds Benefit From Distressed Credit/Mortgage Conditions
• Fully Exploring The Current Cycle: 2009 And Beyond

As this trend is likely to continue throughout 2009, we will analyze best practices and innovations designed to bring about the upside potential of today’s highly volatile capital markets.

We look forward to seeing you in California!