11th Central & Eastern European Steel

Venue: Hyatt Regency

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Event Date/Time: Sep 15, 2008 End Date/Time: Sep 17, 2008
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Central and Eastern Europe is a region increasingly characterised by its economic and strategic advantages. Steel producers from Russia, the Ukraine, Western Europe and other parts of the world are watching this region ever more closely. This event will give you unrivalled networking opportunities and insight into the strategies of many of the leading companies in the region and further a field.

Steel Issues in Central Europe

Day One

Examining the Industrial Union of Donbass's strategy
Ukrainian economic outlook – from a producer's perspective
Analysing domestic and foreign investment Sergey Taruta, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Industrial Union of Donbass, Ukraine
Outlining ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih's strategy
Exploring ArcelorMittal's investment in Ukraine
Export market demand fundamentals
Overview of the Ukrainian Iron Ore market Jean Jouet, CEO, ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih, Ukraine
Outlook for EAF steel production in the CIS
Overview of investment to date
Advantages of EAF production in CIS Farooq Siddiqui, Deputy Chairman, Senior Vice President, ISTIL, Ukraine
Ukraine's steel industry: trends and outlook
Ukraine's steel industry in the global environment
CIS export markets : opportunities and threats and strategic options Joachim Schroeder, Managing Director, Research & Consulting Group, Germany
Exploring the trade relationship between Ukraine and EU
Analysing domestic strategies and overseas opportunities for 16.40 Ukraine's steel producers
Challenges and opportunities ahead
WTO Membership ­a catalyst for change in EU steel trade dynamics?
Pre­WTO trade flows
WTO membership: rights and obligations
Domestic supply and demand from 2008
EU trade ­a new paradigm? Shane Rimmer, Director, EuroStrategy Consultants, UK
Analysing the Ukrainian market – from a physical and futures perspective
Supply and demand in the Ukrainian semi­finished product market
What will the impact of futures trading be on CIS markets? Nasser Alaghband, CEO, Balli Steel, UK
The European steel distribution market beyond the EU­27
Structural change of steel market supply in Eastern Europe
The growth potentials of steel distribution
Challenges and chances of EU­27 steel distribution in Eastern Europe Thomas Ludwig, CEO, Kloekner & CO, Vice President, Eurometal, Germany
Analyzing the service centre industry in the Ukraine
Domestic and international strategy
Outlook for distribution in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe Nikolay Boychenko, Director General, UGMK, Ukraine
The steel service centre industry in Europe
Development of Steel consuming industries
Expansion & relocation of Western European steel consuming industries
Challenges and chances of the steel service centre industry Jürgen Nusser, Vice President, Eurometal & President, The European Association of Steel Service Centres, Germany
Analysis of the Ukrainian distribution sector
What the outlook for the development of steel intensive manufacture in Ukraine? Andrey Fedoseyev, President, The Ukrainian Association of Metal Traders, Ukraine
Ukraine distribution – opportunities and constraints Aleksandr Ashkinazi, Commercial Director, Comex, Ukraine

Day Two

The Ukrainian steel market from an equity analyst perspective
Ukrainian steel: the key traded sector on the domestic stock market
Ukrainian steel as investment target: strengths and weaknesses
Investors' expectations from Ukrainian steelmakers Alexander Martynenko, Equity Analyst, Troika Dialog, Ukraine
2007 world trade in steel ­recent growth trends and the main global flows
The world's top exporting and importing countries in 2007 and their product breakdown
Latest steel trade trends in the world's largest markets
How steel trade in Central and Eastern Europe fits into the world picture and an analysis of Russian and Ukrainian steel exports
Prices of steelmaking materials, steel products and outlook for steel consumption Steve Mackrell, Director, Operations, ISSB Limited, UK
The market for steelmaking raw materials ­where to next?
Recent pattern of supply/demand fundamentals for iron ore, scrap and coking coal
Near­term outlook in the context of crude steel production trends
The impact and implications of raw material prices on steelmaking costs Calum Baker, Research Manager, Steel Raw Materials, CRU
The role of European iron ore in the Central and Eastern European steel markets
Iron ore market fundamentals
Ensuring high quality feedstock ­diversifying iron supplies Buck Morrow, President, Northland Resources, Canada
Analysing the Ukrainian scrap market
Supply and demand fundamentals
Outlook for demand from EAF steel making Valentin Kulichenko, President, UAVtormet Ukrainian Metal Scrap Association, Ukraine
Market analysis of the Russian ferrous scrap market
Steel market analysis in CIS and Central and Eastern Europe
Scrap price outlook Ildar Neverov, Scrap Market Ltd, Russia
Investment opportunities in Ukraine – Danieli's perpective
Exploring the outlook for further investment in the Ukraine
Analysing technological advancement in Ukraine's steel sector. Renato Pezzano, Vice President Key Account Management, Danieli & C, Italy


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