Markets Media Live: Global Markets Summit, 2008

Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel

Location: New York, New York, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 18, 2008 End Date/Time: Nov 19, 2008
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In November 2008, Markets Media will bring together the leaders from the global exchanges, institutional trading platforms, broker-dealers, hedge funds, pension funds and traditional investors to engage in a sophisticated dialogue in a unique format and setting. Never in the history of the modern financial markets has there been a greater need for such a debate to take place.

The key questions we will be asking from the key players:

Exchange or Change? As exchanges demutualize and become for-profit corporations, the need to expand products, services and efficiencies has become paramount. How important is it that these engines of economic growth and ‘democratizers of capital' succeed? Have they stalled in the face of growing competition? What is their role and responsibility in the future?

Survival of the Fastest: Better technology has led to the rise of the machines (alternative institutional trading platforms) offering faster, more efficient access to the market – and perhaps most importantly of all, liquidity. Will speed define the winners and losers of tomorrow? And, what effect has speed had on price discovery?

Consolidation: The exchanges fight back by bulking up through consolidation and ECN/ATS acquisitions amidst a scramble for new licenses and therefore new products. This shifting landscape has led to yet more confusion among market practitioners. We try to answer some of their questions.

Dark Pools II and Algorithms: The lines keep blurring as exchanges, ATSs and broker-dealers do deals and enter into strategic partnerships. What is driving this unprecedented cooperation? Is this yet another step toward broker-dealers becoming the new exchanges? What does it mean for the hedge funds and traditional institutions?

Regulation: The intended and unintended consequences of legislation and regulation. How will the regulators cope with the speed at which the market is dictating change? We look at the success/failure of post reg NMS and Mifid. Regulation in the face of the credit crisis. And, how will the regulators respond as the equities and derivatives markets continue to converge and sometimes collide? Are regulators in emerging and frontier markets facing similar challenges?

Trading and Investing: Trading has become increasingly integrated into investment strategy. What has this meant for the relationship between the portfolio manager and the trading desk? Is the buyside empowered by better technology, or just more confused? We also examine the complex relationship that exists between pension funds and hedge funds, and assess the appetite for risk.

Commodities Trading: Is food the new oil? Whether it's due to increased consumption from growing economies or extreme weather conditions destroying crop production, the simple equation of supply and demand would suggest that food has become a valuable commodity, and therefore an essential part of an investor's portfolio.
Get answers to these questions and many more.


Madison Avenue at East 45th
New York
New York
United States