China International Concrete Techonology and Equipment Exhibition

Venue: China International Exhibition Center

Location: Beijing, China

Event Date/Time: Feb 26, 2009 End Date/Time: Feb 28, 2009
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The Concrete Industry’s International Grand Event

China International Concrete Technology and Equipment Exhibition is the professional exhibition dedicated in raw material and engineering,technology and equipment of concrete in China.The exhibition will highlight all the latest innovations in concrete industry. The exhibition will focus on concrete raw materials, new concrete products, mechanical equipment and manufacturing techniques as well as the latest market trends affecting the industry. Exhibitors and visitors, including concrete industry manufacturers, distributors, design engineers, engineering constructors and purchasing agents and so on, will learn the latest capabilities, design issues, trends and market forecasts in the whole industry chain.

The exhibition will be held on 26-28 February 2009 at China International Exhibition Center,Beijing,China. The organizers are consist of eight authoritative organizations in China concrete industry.The list as followed.Use these three days to network with peers, professionals and potential business partners involved in technology solutions serving a variety of applications. Learn the latest products, services and technologies available and discover what is on the horizon.

Organizer:( in random order)
China Concrete & Cement Products Association
China Construction Units Association
China Aerated Concrete Association
China Building Material Machinery Association
China Sand-Stone Association
China Building material Federation Concrete Admixture Branch
China Building Material Federation Glass Fiber Enhancement Cement Branch
CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council
China Building Materials Federation
Co-Organizer:(in random order)
Concrete Engineering Technology Center of MOHURD
China National Technical Standardization Committee on Concrete
China National Technical Standardization Committee on wall&Roof and Paving Building Materials
China National Technical Standardization Committee on Cement Product

Except the exhibition,we will provide you with numerous opportunities for China International Concrete Conference,International Seminar on New Technology and Equipment of Concrete Additive Agents,Training on Basic Theory Knowledge of GRC and so on.It provids domestic and overseas concrete manufacturer,merchant and scientific research institutions with a comprehensive service platform on product display,technical exchange and cooperative negotiation which promotes healthy development of concrete industry and communication among domestic and overseas concrete enterprises.

Exhibition Contents
Concrete raw material
Sandstone retainer, admixture, paint, cement, bloating, reinforcing fabric
Quarry special purpose equipment, building materials recycling regeneration retainer technology and equipment
Concrete product
Constituent unit、block、GRC produce、aerated concrete、plate、caisson pile、cement
Tile、decorative block;
The precast concrete product production equipment
Blender、block machinery、forming machinery、abrasive tool、porcelain machinery、Intensive processing machinery、armature processing machinery、
Commercial sand mortar production technology and equipment
mortar product、Special-purpose admixture、Production measurement、agitate、drying、package、Storage and transport、construction of Technical equipment;
Ready mixed concrete plant and equipment
Storage equipment、transport equipment、batching plant、metering equipment、mixing equipment、mixing building、Control system and software、mixing panting environment control equipment;
Concrete mechanical equipment
Mixing transport vehicle、Pump vehicle、ejecting pump and auxiliary accessory、
Pouring mold、immersion vibrator、cutting and punch;
Concrete production, laboratory, project examination technology, instrument and equipment
Concrete rheological property、air content、reduction-in-expansion、temperature distribution、chap、fumarolic structure、Water permeability、intensity、cold resistance property、corrosion of reinforcement、high pressure steam curing、standard square of Analysis and test equipment;
The concrete structure makes up strong and the extension life technology and the equipment
Surface guard coating、surface reinforced、structure fiber reinforced、armature Anti- rust、cathode Protection
Ecology concrete and concrete regeneration use technology and equipmen
Concrete breaking and separating、reclaimed concrete aggregate and particulate process、Industry solid waste residue in concrete use
The project contractor, the equipment rent business, the scientific research technical service organization, the media and the association


No.6 East Road,North Third Ring,Beijing,China