Global Integrated ISR Europe 2008

Venue: Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

Event Date/Time: Aug 18, 2008
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This conference will focus on the integrated collaborative measures being designed throughout NATO, European and Coalition Partners to achieve an enhanced, cohesive mission execution domain. An examination of the integrity of information sharing, the use of information and the overall concepts of the Global ISR will be undertaken. There will be a thorough review of the importance played by IRS constructs in the area of weapons management and applications. Additionally, close examination will ensue to determine the extent played by rapidly fusing and exploiting the sensor data from different ISR systems to speed the flow of correlated intelligence information to tactical war fighters, both for situational awareness and targeting on land sea and air. The conference will focus on the strategies, technologies and key issues such as ISR integration and key strategies for joint ISR. The training and evaluation by Commanders of systems across the mission planning areas will be explored.
The pre- conference workshop will feature an in-depth examination of the Multi-Sensor Aerospace-Ground Joint ISR Interoperability Coalition (MAJIIC). MAJIIC is multinational effort, whose aim is to maximize the military utility of surveillance and reconnaissance resources through the development and evaluation of operational and technical means, for interoperability of a wide range of ISR assets. In close cooperation with industry, the project falls under the control of NATO NC3A. Nations participating in the project include: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, UK, USA, and Canada.