21 Day Transformation Program Teleseminar Series

Venue: San Diego

Location: San Diego, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 15, 2008 End Date/Time: Sep 22, 2008
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Fitness and Nutrition experts Todd Durkin and Dr. Chris Mohr are offering a very unique program: A 21 Day Transformation Program addressing nutrition, fitness, and motivation. This Program is going to cut to the chase and provide you with the most practical solutions and best game plan to improve your health, fitness, and success in the game of life in just 21 Days. This 3-part program will deliver to you the BEST ways to reach success in the following areas:

Physical Conditioning
The Mindset of a Champion: Goal Planning for Success in your Life
You will receive the most useful information, tips, exercises, and game plan in all 3 areas spread out over 21 Days.

Part I: Nutrition for Winning the Game of Life

In this 60 minute teleseminar program, you will receive:

* A 21 Day Optimal Health Meal Plan designed by registered dietitian, Dr. Chris Mohr; follow this Plan, and you can slash body fat, reduce pain, and boost energy!
* The Top 21 Recipes from Chris and Todd: from smoothies, to full dinners, these quick and easy recipes can lay the groundwork for success!
* Supplementation recommendations and a schedule for maximum results for energy, recovery and regeneration, wellness, and athletic performance
* The Top 7 Foods to eat to reduce inflammation, help recovery, and rid the body of pain
* The absolute most critical part of your nutrition plan. Without this, you’re setting yourself up for failure.
* The most critical nutrient in any nutrition plan; it’s not fruits and vegetables, it’s not fiber, protein, or healthy fats, it is much more important than any of these!

Part II: Physical Conditioning for Peak Performance

In this 60 minute teleseminar program, you will receive:

* A 21-Day Program designed by Todd Durkin to improve conditioning for all levels
* The Top 7 Secrets to lose 10 lbs of fat and gain 3 lbs of muscle in 4 weeks
* 3 exercises you MUST avoid if you have back or knee pain
* Top solutions to eliminate pain in your body
* Todd’s top recommendations to get in the best shape of your life

Part III: Success Coaching:
Game Planning for Success in Your Life

This 60 minute program is Todd’s system to improve clarity and focus of where you are going in life and how you are going to get there. This coaching session will be a practical, guided program to help you improve the quality of your personal health and performance. It will include:

* Setting strategy for the next 90 days, 6 months, and 3 years
* Overcoming your current challenges and obstacles
* Top Recommendations to Maximize Results, improve time management, and improve the quality of your personal health and performance.

You will receive:

THREE Hours of live coaching with Todd and Chris – that’s 3-60 minute teleseminars
3 Open Forums/Question and Answer to receive laser focused coaching; numbers will be small to allow for more interaction and personalization.
21 Day Google Group for On-going support among all participants and Todd and Chris. Imagine an open forum where these experts can answer your most pressing questions
Recordings of all teleseminars and Open Forums via MP3 files so you can continue to listen in to our daily empowerment messages so your success continues to skyrocket!
Transcript of every call: there will be so much information packed into these 3, 60-minute calls; you don’t want to miss a word. We’ve done the dirty work for you; all you need to do is listen, enjoy, and follow along with the written word!
10% discount on all products by Todd and Chris through the end of September!
To sign up for this very special, unique program, click here to register:

Hiring Todd or Chris individually for similar coaching can be cost prohibitive to many; but you can have both of them coach you towards success for just $99!

Hurry! Spots are limited. They are allowing only 100 people in on this special teleseminar series.


Teleseminar #1: September 15, 11 am PST (2 PM EST) “Nutrition for Winning,” plus a 15-minute Open Forum Q&A
Teleseminar #2: September 18, 11 am PST (2 PM EST) “Success Coaching: Goal Planning for Success in your Life,” plus a 15-minute Open Forum Q&A
Teleseminar #3: September 22, 11 am PST (2 PM EST) “Physical Conditioning for Peak Performance,” plus a 15-minute Open Forum Q&A
Cost: $99.00 per person (Listen in online, or over the phone.)

Who this program is for:

Clients who are looking to increase energy, lose weight, improve productivity
Executives/work force who are looking to create strategies on how to implement healthier lifestyles as part of a busy schedule
Trainers who are looking for new ideas and ways to create programs for their own clients
House-moms who need to create a strategy to improve their time and fitness management – and maximize their energy and nutrition for themselves and their kids
Young athletes who are looking to maximize performance
Who this program will not help:

Those with absolutely flawless health and perfect physiques
Anyone who is an absolute nutrition and fitness expert; one who won't learn even one thing from listening to other experts that share their information
Those who have unlimited energy and are in the shape of their life
Sometimes, the Sky is Not the Limit:

Some things are so good, there must be a limit. Thus, we must limit this call to the first 100 who register
Be sure to register right now to be certain you are among the first 100 callers
We look forward to having you join us; you’ll be on your way to success in no time.