Automotive Plastics India 2008 - (Revolution In Plasti)

Venue: Hotel J.W. Marriot

Location: Mumbai, India

Event Date/Time: Nov 10, 2008 End Date/Time: Nov 12, 2008
Registration Date: Nov 09, 2008
Early Registration Date: Oct 09, 2008
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Building the perfect automobile is every design engineer's dream. But to make this a reality, every part has to perform. No compromises. No failures. That's where the plastics in the automotive industry can make the difference.

Worldwide, plastic is rapidly replacing steel as a preferred material for making vehicle components but the Indian automotive industry is yet to catch up with the trend.

Plastic provides lightweight, versatile designs in electrical, electronic, and lighting applications, further enhancing new styling opportunities. Versatility is core to plastics' beauty, allowing for efficient design changes in single piece or modular components, reducing manufacturing costs and enhancing vehicle affordability.

Though there is no major cost advantage, design flexibility, emission reduction and safety attract OEMs

The Asian market holds tremendous potential growth in automobile production. This further drives the growth and demand for light-weight and environmental-friendly plastics

There is a lot of room for replacing metal with plastics in automotives. A lot of components are still made of steel. In Europe, roughly 20 per cent of the weight of a car is engineering plastic, while in India it is just 10 per cent

The increased use of plastic for the weight reduction is a global trend. If 10 per cent weight is reduced, 25 kg of CO2 emission will be reduced in the lifetime of a car.

And hence we need to have a platform to promote these kind of communications between the vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, auto parts manufactures, IT, plastics manufacturers and the researchers from R&D institutions and industry associations to discuss the largest potential market in the world, as well as how to improve the technologies, decrease the costs and adopt new materials so as to comply with the requirements on light weight, environment protection and energy-saving.

Topics for discussion will include:

Plastics in engine compartment / exterior and the interior of the vehicle
Hybrid technologies for automotive plastics applications
Smart materials: Polymers, Additives, Modifiers
Safety, environmental challenges and legislative issues pertaining to plastics being used in automotives
Composite plastics for greater functionality in auto parts
Finished plastics auto parts with innovative colour effect additives
Use of innovative plastics
Adopting low-cost solutions in the selection of automotive plastics
New methodologies in computer aided analysis for the automobile plastics components
Recycling of scrap plastics in automobile and auto parts
International chemical requirements for plastics in automobile and auto parts
Raising the capability of small & medium size auto plastics parts manufacture
Quality Control criterion of automotive plastics parts
Industry associations role in promoting plastics to be used as a automobile and automotive part
Development and application and spread for CAE technology
How to improve the usage of plastic mould raw material
Developing trend of plastic mould and how to choose and apply the related manufacturing equipments
Import and export status for plastic mould and how to improve localization
Frequent problem and solution for automotive plastic components.


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