Factors Affecting the Success of Religious and Community Leaders in (2009 World Public He)

Venue: Istanbul Congress Venue

Location: Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey

Event Date/Time: Aug 23, 2008
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The objective of this study was to investigate the factors affecting the success of the religious and community leaders in solving the AIDS problems at the four Faith Based Organization Centers which were financially supported by the Global Fund in 2006. This qualitative research was done during July- November 2007. The four centers were the Christian centers which were located at Maesai and Wiangpapao districts, whereas the Buddhism centers were at Maechan and Doiluang districts. Each center was responsible of about 100 AIDS patients and 250-500 of their relatives.
Factors affecting the success of the leaders were evaluated from the activity information of the centers which were officially surveyed. The unofficially informations were obtained from the visits and interviews of the focus groups of religious and community leaders, the AIDS patients and their relatives. Informations were also got from the participation of the researchers at the AIDS day care patients. The leaders have solved the AIDS problems by two approaches which were to follow the framework activities set by each center and to bring these activities to the daily routine work.
The key factors for the success were the characteristics of the leaders who were devoting, continuously hard working and had the systematical thinking of the management process. The acceptance, trust and the co-operation of all persons were obtained involving in the solution of the problems, especially the AIDS patient. As known the religious leaders are important for the way of living of the Thai people. Thus, Thai people will trust on the religious leaders more than others, thereby facilitating the problems solving. The attitudes of the AIDS patients as well as the roles of the centers were also other factors determining the success. The results from this study can not only be applied for other centers in other provinces in Thailand, but also can be used by other international organizations as well.