Venue: Abuja International Conference Centre

Location: Abuja FCT, Spain

Event Date/Time: Jun 08, 2009 End Date/Time: Jun 10, 2009
Registration Date: Jun 07, 2009
Early Registration Date: Feb 28, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Nov 27, 2008
Paper Submission Date: Mar 29, 2009
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The International Conference on Industry Growth, Investment and Competitiveness in Africa (IGICA) will take place from June 8 to 10, 2009 in Abuja, Nigeria, under the Patronage of the Nigerian Government and hosted by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. The Conference will be getting other support from other Ministries of the Federal Government of Nigeria and various Industry Associations

IGICA’09 International Conference is being established as the largest and most comprehensive knowledge transfer supported industry growth, investment and competitiveness event. Initiated through the support of UK Prime Minister’s Initiative Programme managed by the British Council, the acceleration of industrial growth through industry-knowledge base partnership development has resulted to the collaboration with various African Governments and organisations to organise the IGICA International Conference

IGICA focuses on the whole of Africa from a global economy perspective. It invokes the power of Private-Public Partnership as one of the means of fast-tracking commerce and industrial growth, investment and competitiveness through knowledge transfer and commercialisation of innovation in Africa. This is the type of partnership that British Council with number of African Countries and industries are spear heading through African Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme

The underpinning theme of the IGICA’09 technical conference is Africa’s Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Commercialisations of innovation for Industrial growth, investment and competitiveness. IGICA theme will also build on the renewed emphasis nationally and internationally on entrepreneurship and investment in small, medium and large organisations. This theme has been carefully selected and aligned with the theme of the various African Industrial policy directions and vision unearthed through the UK Prime Minister’s Initiative funded programme of study and also it is inline with AU Summit in Abuja, which was on the Industrialization of Africa

IGICA addresses the acceleration of Global investment in new start-up business, small, medium and large organisations in Africa. This is supported by the stream of good news about Africa’s economic performance which continues to increase with the release of the UN’s report - The World Investment Report 2007: Foreign direct investment has doubled both as a result of growing interest in the continent and a supportive climate for investors. Foreign direct investment rose from US$ 18bn in 2004 to US$ 36bn in 2006. Prospects for Foreign direct investment into Africa continue to be positive because of the high global commodity prices as transitional corporations are taking advantage of good returns on investment. Africa as a whole is certainly becoming more integrated in to the global economy.

The extensive nature of the IGICA event, its innovative technical conference and international knowledge transfer private-public exhibition features presents an unprecedented opportunity for international industry, African industry, Higher education professionals and stakeholders to partner, benchmark, establish business deals, share knowledge and network, therefore strengthening the Continent’s many and varied industry, educational and R&D initiatives and projects.


Pre and Post-conference workshops and meetings of major agencies, associations and initiatives
Buyer, Sellers and Partnership development meeting areas
Think-Tank Forum for Investment and Financing for Innovation Commercialisation of R&D Results and Entrepreneurs.
University-Industry Round Table entitled “Creating African Knowledge Transfer Network for Commerce and Industry” Specialist Capacity development and training programme
Exhibition and demonstration areas for industry, Universities and R&D organisations
High-level Policy Makers, industry Leaders and Investors Round Table and Retreat entitled “Accelerating Public-Private Partnerships for Industry Growth”
African Manufacturer’s Round Table, entitled “Establishing Modern Infrastructure for Manufacture”.
Networking sessions, including One-on-One Business Match Making Session


Additional Information

CALL FOR PAPERS FOR TECHNICAL/SCIENTIFIC SESSIONS IGICA’09 is the premier events for all expert, business leaders, investors and stakeholders engaged or interested in accelerating industrial growth in Africa. Organisations and individuals that are involved and leading on activities and programmes that will support the industrial growth and encourage investment and industrial competitiveness in Africa are welcome to share and learn on international best practice. Leading practitioners, experts and innovators in their field that will contribute to the growth of African industry, encourage global investment and emboldens industrial competitiveness, are called to present their most interesting studies, demonstration projects, best practices, methodology, new products and services on the many topic under the general theme of IGICA’09. Submitted papers must be practica, original and should report on recent significant results, new initiative, best practice, innovation, etc. The IGICA’09 themes are listed and described in more details on the IGICA website.....visit the website .