2009 East Coast Paranormal Investigators Conference (2009ECPIC)

Venue: Fort Mifflin on the Delaware

Location: Philadelphia, PA 19153, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 10, 2009 End Date/Time: Oct 11, 2009
Registration Date: Oct 09, 2009
Early Registration Date: Jan 01, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Jan 31, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Mar 31, 2009
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The East Coast Paranormal Investigators Conference will be held at Fort Mifflin on the Delaware from 10 AM Saturday October 10th till 5 PM Sunday October 11th 2009 with all proceeds of this event to benefit the preservation, restoration, interpretation and education programs at Fort Mifflin a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Fort Mifflin on the Delaware has consistently opened it gates to support the paranormal community, and this event is our communities chance to pay back that support.
The event will be a showcase to the public of paranormal investigators, using real science in the study of their fields and the results they obtain
General Fort / Event Halls Admission
$6 per person per day open to the general public from 10 AM till 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday. This is in addition to fort tours given by interpretive guides in Revolutionary or Civil War Uniforms at 11 AM and 2 PM. Come to the conference and meet with our area’s finest paranormal investigators and have a chance to ask all the questions you ever wanted to ask about the paranormal
Conference Admissions
$ 20 day /$40 weekend (this includes General Fort/ Event Halls Admission), will be open only to registered conference participants Programming about, ADC, Haunts, NDE Cryptozology, Angels, OBE, Sensitive Abilities, Demonology, UFO's, and many others will be presented by field and laboratory investigators. There will be 14 hours of programming open to registered conference participants. From 10am – 5:30pm on the hour
Panels open to all
Panels 10 A.M. on the hour until 5:30 P.M. each day, supporting groups attending invited to be panelists for discussion on various paranormal topics
Paranormal 101 Table open to all
Program table is presented by the supporting groups each day
Banquet open to all
There will be a fund raising banquet on Saturday night open only to ALL. Contributors and registered participants in the casements for an additional tax deductible contribution of $ 25.00 (per person). Non-registered participant sfee $35 (per person).
Overnight Paranormal Investigation OPEN TO ALL!!
Open to all! Saturday Night starts @8:00 P.M. until 8pm. Lead and hosted by OFMPIS (Open to paid conference attendees, separate fee $70 (per person).
Non-registered participants fee $90.00 (per person).

24 Hour Paranormal Investigation OPEN TO ALL!!
There will be a 24 hour paranormal investigation (the only one for the 2009 Season) 5 PM Sunday to 5 PM Monday open only to ALL. Registered participants for an additional tax deductible contribution of $90 per person. Lead by John Sabol hosted by OFMPIS Non-registered participants fee $110.00 (per person).
This will be the only Paranormal Investigators Conference in the 2009 Season to be held at fort that is home to 14 haunted restored historic structures constructed from 1778 to 1875, is a National Monument, and a Historic Landmark.

Confirmed Speakers
Dr. David Barnes, Ph.D.: David teaches the history of medicine and public health in the Department of History & Sociology of Science at the University of Pennsylvania. He has written two books on public health, infectious disease, and society in nineteenth-century France. He is now writing a history of the Lazaretto quarantine station on the Delaware River outside Philadelphia, which operated from 1801 to 1895, and is the oldest surviving quarantine facility in the Western Hemisphere.

Mark Davis: Mark is a co-chair of this event and co-founder/director of the Paranormal Association of Research & Assistance – PARA. For the past 25 years he has worked in the consulting engineering field where he has had the opportunity to study complete building systems for electrical, HVAC, plumbing and structural. This knowledge has help him in paranormal investigations by being able to understand where and what may have caused some of the creeks and groans we all have heard during these investigations. He has been studying the paranormal for over ten years in various capacities. He became a member of a local investigation group to further his understanding and 2 years ago he formed PARA.

J.Joseph Edgette, Ph.D.: Dr. Edgette is a native of Delaware County, holds the academic rank of full Professor at Widener University where he is on the faculty of The School of Human Service Professions in its Center for Education. Dr. Edgette is the University's resident folklorist and serves in various capacities. His responsibilities and duties presently encompass teaching and administration. His teaching assignments include a wide variety of courses at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels. He is Director of the Teacher Intern Program, Coordinator of Graduate Education Admissions and Advising, and formerly Director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program, and major Advisor for University College, the University's adult education program. Dr.

Edgette holds a bachelor’s degree in English from West Chester State College, and three degrees from the University of Pennsylvania: Master of Education in Instructional Media, Master of Arts in Folklore and Folk life Studies, and a Ph.D. in Folklore.

Dave Juliano: Dave is a CO-CHAIR of the conference and Director of South Jersey Ghost Research and founder of The Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings website. He is the author of Positive Energy for Haunted Homes, Ghost Research 101: Investigating Haunted Homes, Armor of God and Ghost Hunting 101. He has been researching ghosts for over 20 years and is a sensitive. He has consulted on thousands of cases. He lived in a haunted house for over 29 years and his current residence is also haunted. Dave has a special interest in client counseling. His background is in law enforcement and private investigations. He is a graduate of the Cape May County Police Academy and he has also majored in History and World Religions at Camden County College. He has also taught Ghost Hunting 101 classes.

Carl Feindt: Carl was first a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol; he went on to study aircraft engineering at the Academy of Aeronautics in New York City (off La Guardia Airport's runway). Following two years of service in the Air Force, till he joined a major airline where he worked in customer service for over three decades. He became active in ufology (the study of UFOs.) then started working with Jan Aldrich, a UFO researcher. Over the course of eight years, He studied microfilm rolls at the University of Delaware, exhaustively covering the years between 1923 and 1967. To his amazement, he found approximately 750 UFO-related articles in Delaware, the second-smallest state in the United States! Intrigued by the fact that aircraft, as we know them, cannot emerge from water or submerge into water, He started assembling water-related UFO cases. His research endeavor into this aspect of the UFO mystery has grown into an increasingly large data base and website. He is now one of the world’s best known researchers of water-related UFOs.

Thomas H. Keels: Tom is an author of four books and numerous articles on Philadelphia history. Tom has been informing and entertaining local groups with his illustrated presentations and historic tours for over a decade. Areas of expertise include lost Philadelphia architecture, Philadelphia burial grounds, and Rittenhouse Square.
Tom has spoken to such groups as the American Institute of Architects (Philadelphia chapter), American Revolution Roundtable, Chestnut Hill Historical Society, Cosmopolitan Club, Curtis Institute of Music, Franklin Inn Club, Free Library of Philadelphia (central branch authors’ series), Harvard Club of Philadelphia, Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, Springfield Township Historical Society, Union League of Philadelphia, and Walk Philadelphia Guides.

Robyn McKinney : Robyn is a co-chair of this event and the co-founder/director of the Paranormal Association of Research & Assistance – PARA. She is the owner and site administrator for myghostnetwork.com a paranormal social networking website dedicated to bringing others in the field together. Her interest in the paranormal spans over 10 years when her first paranormal experience led her to researching, reading and urban exploration. This eventually led her to join a local paranormal investigation group, and finally to join forces with Mark Davis to form PARA.

Moebanshee : Moe is founder, lead investigator, and advisor for both Asylumcam Paranormal Investigations and Moebanshee Paranormal Investigations and has been helping people deal with paranormal activity for over 30 years. Together with her better half they have helped people take charge of severe haunting. She is site manager of www.asylumcam.com a paranormal community owned by “Doc” in Missouri. Asylumcam hosts web cams in homes and places reputed to have paranormal activity. They provide none hostile environments for people to discuss and exchange ideas concerning all things paranormal. Moe assists with site maintenance and helps the members have an enjoyable experience. She helps people learn and explore unusual normal activity safely. Many people new to investigating have benefited from her years in the paranormal trenches. Moe is host of Moebanshee's Lair Para_Radio on www.nowlive.com and www.gameconradio.com

Mark Passio: His gives a riveting and powerful presentation and lecture. His body of work is a culmination of over twelve years of extensive research and investigation into the nature of our shared reality.
In his presentation, He takes his guests on a journey of self-exploration, examining human Consciousness and the way it relates to the universal problems which we currently face as a species. Some of the questions he attempts to answer are:
Who are we? What is our purpose? Why do we hold certain beliefs? Why do we tend to see ourselves and others in a certain way? Why do we act the way we do toward ourselves and others? What does any of this have to do with the events we experience in our world?
Having successfully begun his work as a presenter of the message of spiritual awareness, He is now taking a pro-active approach to the task of spreading this significant information to others. This has resulted in What On Earth Is Happening, a penetrating analysis into the realm of human Consciousness.

John Sabol: John is a cultural anthropologist, historical archaeologist, actor, and ghost excavator. He has been participating in, and supervising, field investigations since high school. He has conducted archaeological research in England, Germany, Mexico, and the United States. He has done ethnographic fieldwork in Chiapas State, and in the Yucatan, Mexico. He has appeared in more than 25 films, including “Dune”, “Conan the Destroyer”, “Rambo II”, “Falcon and the Snowman”, and the James Bond classic, “License to kill”. He has also appeared in numerous TV series, documentaries, and educational TV. He has taught cultural anthropology in the Graduate School of the University of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico, and in various colleges in Mexico City. He has conducted ghost excavations in Winchester, England, and in the United States at Gettysburg, Eastern State in Philadelphia, Rolling Hills in New York, throughout Pennsylvania, and at various locations in the cities of Knoxville (TN), New Orleans, San Antonio, Santa Fe, and in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He is the author of six books: “Ghost Excavator”, “Ghost Culture”, “Gettysburg Unearthed”, “Battlefield Haunts cape”, the “Anthracite Coal Region: An Archaeology of its Haunting Presence”, and “The Politics of Presence: Cultural Performances on the Gettysburg Battlefield”. His approach to haunting is participant-observation, based on the application of peripatetic video surveys and overlays, supplemented by positional archaeological surveys, ethnographic research, and soundscape analysis.

Anthony L Selletti, SFO, BS:Anthony is a co-chair of the conference and a brother of the Secular Franciscan Order. He and his wife's family roots go back to the 1600's in the Philadelphia region, and he has studied its people and places for over 40 years. Anthony and his wife Barbara are War Between the States living historians, and are involved in historic site preservation. He is the author of "Fort Mifflin: A Paranormal History." He has spent hundreds of hours studying Fort Mifflin in its historical context, and many more hundreds of hours of paranormal investigation at the fort. He is leading a volunteer grass roots effort of hundreds of people for the preservation of Fort Mifflin on the Delaware.

Barbara J White-Frank- Selletti, SFO, MS : Barbara has a Master’s of Science degree in Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling from Neumann College. She has an active bereavement ministry and is involved in historic site preservation. She has an ongoing research project into after death communication.

Joe Wisniewski : Joe, UFO Researcher, retired after 34 yours in the Baltimore City Fire Department, where he was a fire fighter, paramedic, rescue technician and Hazardous Materials Specialist. He was 19 years old when a close encounter with a UFO and its navigator changed his life forever. That experience has driven him to ask, “Is this technology from the stars, extra-dimensional, or ours? Or could it be all or a combination of these?” He promises to take you through the twisted path of earth’s development of saucer technology either through genius or back engineering of extraterrestrial craft.
To reserve a booth or make a reservation contact Lorraine Irby, the Office Manager/Schedule Coordinator for Fort Mifflin on the Delaware at
Fort Mifflin on the Delaware
Hog Island & Fort Mifflin Rds.
Philadelphia, PA 19153