Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Symposium: Interrogating Disease and Development

Venue: Croke Park Conference Centre

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Event Date/Time: Apr 22, 2009 End Date/Time: Apr 24, 2009
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Organized by Stephen Sullivan and Abcam, this conference will focus on both basic and therapeutic applications of human pluripotent stem cells and their differentiated derivatives. Epigenetic and reprogramming mechanisms underpinning derivation, maintenance and differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells will be discussed. The emergence of human pluripotent stem cells as a platform for generating large quantities of disease-specific material will also be a key component of the meeting, focusing specifically on two applications: disease modeling and drug screening.

The conference boasts an impressive list of international speakers in this focused and rapidly expanding area of medical science and will constitute the first major stem cell meeting to be held in Ireland.

Topics will include:
- Epigenetics and nuclear reprogramming
- Molecular networks underpinning pluripotency
- Directed differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells
- Derivation of human iPS cells
- Disease modelling
- Drug screening
- Cell replacement therapy

Invited speakers:
- Dan Anderson (MIT)
- Nissim Benvenisty (University of Jerusalem)
- Alan Colman (A*STAR Institute of Medical - Biology, Singapore)
- Chad Cowan (Massachusetts General Hospital)
- Hongkui Deng (Peking University)
- Chris Denning (University of Nottingham)
- Kevin Eggan (Stowers Medical Institute)
- Paolo Di Giorgio (Salk Institute of Biological Studies)
- Konrad Hochedlinger (Harvard Medical School)
- Jeffrey Karp (Harvard Stem Cell Institute)
- Rick Livesey (University of Cambridge)
- Christine Mummery (Leiden University)
- In-Hyun Park (Children's Hospital Massachusetts)
- Marc Peschanski (Institute for Stem Cell Therapy, Genopole)
- Lee Rubin (Harvard University)
- Benjamin Reubinoff (Hodassah University, Jerusalem)
- Miodrag Stojkovic (University of Valencia)
- Lorenz Studer (Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research)
- Stephen Sullivan (Leiden University)
- Azim Surani (University of Cambridge)
- Ian Wilmut (University of Edinburgh)
- Thomas Zwaka (Bayor College of Medicine, Texas)

Abstracts for poster presentation are invited. Those which most closely fit within the topics of the meeting will be selected.
- Deadline for poster abstracts: February 27, 2009
Space for poster is unlimited

The registration fee is fully inclusive of:
- attendance at sessions (plenary & poster)
- lunch and refreshments
- drinks reception
- conference materials, including book of abstracts

For futher information and to register please visit the Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Symposium website (


Croke Park Stadium, Dublin 3, Ireland