International Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (ICSCI-09)

Venue: Hyderabad

Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Event Date/Time: Jan 07, 2009 End Date/Time: Jan 10, 2009
Registration Date: Dec 10, 2008
Early Registration Date: Nov 25, 2008
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 30, 2008
Paper Submission Date: Nov 20, 2008
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Keynote Addresses will be delivered by eminent academicians and prominent industrialists in areas related to Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics.


More than 400 papers will be presented by authors over forty five sessions, with eight presentations in each session related to a particular field of study. The papers are categorized as: (i) Contributed Papers (Papers that describe original research output, applications and developments that have not been presented elsewhere previously by any one), (ii) Students Papers (We provide an opportunity to undergraduate and graduate students (NOT PhD students) to express their novel ideas, views and findings). Students are requested NOT to CUT and COPY from Internet. On the other hand they are advised to take support from faculty members while writing their papers. An award and a citation would be presented to the author of the best student paper selected during the oral presentation by a team of experts in their respective stream of field.


This event is essentially a competition among students (Undergraduate as well as Post Graduates). Undergraduate students are encouraged to demonstrate their projects that have been approved by their departments for on-the-spot peer evaluation. Best undergraduate projects in various categories would be identified for award. Post Graduate students (M.E./ M.Sc./ M.Tech) and research scholars (PhD) are also encouraged to present their approved theses before the review committee members during the conference and best thesis award would be conferred based on referees' recommendations. There will be a meeting wherein PhD scholars can discuss their problems and seek technical support from other participants.


Technical workshops will be conducted by international and national companies and research laboratories regarding the various nuances of their technology and products for the benefit of the Academicians, Industrialists and Students.


Internationally renowned Professors will give tutorial lectures on topics of current research interests. Those who are interested to benefit from these tutorials have to register in advance.


There will be Panel Discussions on varied topics. The speakers and participants will include some of the Who’s-Who of the varied segments of Society, Scientists and Technocrats.


The Conference Exposition is aimed at bringing together intellectuals and entrepreneurs from different walks of academics and business under a common roof for constructive interaction and development. It will showcase to the world community, the latest and the most advanced Software, Hardware, IT products and scientific literature.


GENERAL CATEGORY (for special and invited sessions)

Vedic Sciences, Traditional Logic, Intuitionist Logic, Constructive Logic, Foundations of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Mystic Sciences, Medical Practices, Philosophy, Alternative Energy, Beer Stafford's Cybernetics of Management, Administrative Practices, Knowledge Based Societies, Extra Terrestrial Objects and Life Functions, Principle of Dualism, Principle of Monism, Principle of Constructive Monism.


System Architectures, ASIC Design, FPGA / CPLD Designs, Consumer Electronics, Control Systems, Numerical & Logical, Systems, Embedded Systems, Processors and EDA tools, Non Conventional Energy Resources, Lasers and Optical Systems, Parallel Architectures, Programmable DSPs and Applications, Systems on Chip Design, Soft Instruments, Test and Verification Tools / Development, Transaction Automation, VLSI Architectures, MEMS, Nano Technology, Molecular Electronic Devices, Systems Modeling and Simulation, Array processors, Space Surveillance Systems, Medical Instruments, Electronic Warfare Systems, Electronic Intelligence Systems, Molecular Electronics, Modern Communication Systems, Gene Processors, Image Acquisition Systems, Virtual Reality Systems, Wearable Computers, Network Components and Systems, Small Scientific Satellites, Space Systems , Space Radiation Effects on Integrated Biological Systems...


Algorithms, Heuristic Algorithms, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Algorithms, Theory of Computer Science, Factory automation, Military / Aerospace Applications, Electronic Intelligence in Combat Space, Guided / Autonomous Weapon Control, Multi sensor Fusion, Artificial Intelligence & Applications, Knowledge-Based Systems, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Control, Cellular Automata and Applications, Transport Systems Control, Machine Learning, Human Computer Interfaces, Human interaction in complex systems, Visual System Cybernetics, Machine Vision, Cybernetics of Living Matter, Symbolic Computing, Molecular Computing, Quantum Computing, Electronic Counter / Support Measures, Robotics and Machine Vision, Pattern Recognition and Analysis, Real Time Operating System, Satellite Imaging, Astronomy and Space Science, Stafford Beer's Cybernetics


Biomedical Engineering Applications, Signal and Image Processing, Multimedia & Virtual Reality, Computer Network, Protocols and Security, Radar / Sonar Signal Processing, Optical Character Recognition, Speech / Audio Signal Processing, Data Communication Methodology, Management and Information Technology, Telemetry, Space Surveillance Techniques, Health Care Informatics, Image Compression Techniques, Coding and Cryptography, Digital Watermarking Methods, CDMA / Mobile Communication Techniques, Celestial Informatics, Mathematical Theories, Vedic Sciences, Machine Translation of Languages, Knowledge-based Drug Discovery, Micro Array Image Analysis

The authors need not restrict to the above topics alone. Suggestions for including new topics related to the three categories are also welcome.


Last date for submission of full length papers and proposals : September 30, 2008

Acceptance of papers and proposals would be informed by : October 15, 2008

Last date for submission of final / camera ready papers: November 20, 2008

Last date for early registration : November 25, 2008

Last date for FINAL registration : December 10, 2008

Note: Authors are requested to submit their papers and complete all formalities well before the stipulated last dates and help us serve you better. Please understand ICSCI events are organized by a research company with a service motto and hence the conference secretariat is staffed with minimum number of people. Inordinate delay in providing required details during any transaction would cause unbearable burden on the staff. Co-operate with us in all dealings. It is your conference and hence you are entitled to suggest and advise the secretariat for a successful conduct of the events.


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