Event Date/Time: Aug 18, 2008 End Date/Time: Aug 18, 2008
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We, the youth of today, will soon inherit this planet Earth from our parents and grandparents. We know the Earth we hope to inherit, and have fears about the Earth we seem destined to inherit.

For this, young people need an ACTION PLAN to reach the Youth Earth Vision (YEV). To meet this need, Our Task (OT) has prepared a Youth Earth Plan (YEP) version 0.5. Our Task has spent two years collecting and analyzing some of the most respected and globally-focused future studies and outlook reports for the world's social, economic, resource, and ecological systems based on the studies were published by United Nations (UN) agencies, the World Bank (WB), and other respected organizations.

(Our Task is an international network of young adults aged about 15 to 25. OT has members in 15 countries. For further information, see www.OurTask.org.)

For this YEP, we need some comments about following sections(after reading it in Youth Earth Plan page (http://ourtask.org/getinvolved/yep.html) or the Youth Earth Plan (http://ourtask.org/getinvolved/pdfs/yeprint.pdf)

• In the section "Our Inheritance and Our Problem",
1.) Do you agree with the assessment of the problem and the strategy for addressing it?
2.) If not, how would you change it? What different problem or strategy do you think is important?
• In the section, "Requests to Our Culture-Shaping Institution",
3.) Do you think the recommendations listed are the most important and effective recommendations?
4.) If not, what additional requests do you think are important, and why?
5.) Would you eliminate, and why?
• In the section "A Concluding Request to Ourselves"
6.) Do you agree with everything there?
7.) If not, what would you change, (and why would you change it)?
• After reading the entire Youth Earth Plan,
8.) What suggestions do you have to improve it?

Please post your answers on our comment page (http://www.ourtask.org/2008/08/yep-comments.html). "We welcome comments from young people and adults - this is everyone's task."

Our request to you is to please introduce the YEP to your young people and youth networks. Let them read it and comment for our next version.
We appreciate any help given to us.

Thank you,
Khalid Md. Bahuddin
PR, OurTask
Official Address: Our Task, P.O. Box 17076, Arlington, VA 22216, USA


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http://www.OurTask.org http://ourtask.org/getinvolved/yep.html http://ourtask.org/getinvolved/pdfs/yeprint.pdf