First African International Reconcilation Conference After Slavery (FAIRCAS) (FAIRCAS)

Venue: the conference is taking place in 3 countries bahamas, jamaica, trinidad and tobago

Location: montego bay 29/11/08 , port of spain 01/12/08, na, Bahamas

Event Date/Time: Sep 28, 2008
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Event Goals/Objectives

To unveil the New African dream to Africans all over the world

To bring African under one umbrella so that they can see the need to become agents of change for Africa

To paint the true picture of the African leadership heritage of love, humaneness, forgiveness, hard work

To motivate a new political leadership agenda for continental development, freedom and emancipation

Overthrow the lingering imperialist colonial legacy of usurpation, domination, exploitation, illegality, opportunism, corruption and selfish individualism that defines today’s global leadership

To position African nations as strategic resource base for global survival with maximum benefit of the African people irrespective of where they are

To make Africans and others see need and find reason to support the New African initiative, as a holistic approach to solving the deteriorating global issues, where Africa and Africans must play major roles

Event Modalities

Nation by nation, institution by institution, city by city and group by group – going everywhere Africans are

Involve individuals, government, non-governmental organizations, private and international institutions

Conferences, talk shows, lectures, seminars, retreat, debate, dialogue, media campaigns and publications (about African) to the rest of the world

Event Expectations

It will give Africa a new face, lift, identity, focus, character in the global setting and rating

Exonerate Africa and Africans from the falsely negative pictures ironically painted against it

Make Africans realize who they truly are

Show Africans the way to freedom

Attract development to African nations

Give every African a sense of belonging

Create brotherly interrelationship for the development of Africa amongst Africans, irrespective of where they reside

It will become the basis upon which the new global order


Youth Afrique International & A New African Civilization
Some Africans in Diaspora
Private, Government and Non-government organizations