Problem Solving and the Lean Supply Chain (701050LIVE)

Venue: Online

Location: Palo Alto, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 30, 2008
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Getting burned by fire fighting? Too often expensive problems are never resolved and reoccur because those working on them lack the experience or skills needed to quickly find the root cause. Good problem solvers are worth their weight in gold, and in most companies are just as rare. Problem Solving in the Lean Supply Chain provides quality professionals with advanced skills in investigation, root cause analysis and problem prevention. Through practical instruction and hands-on application, participants also learn to focus on the source of problems, determine the level of corrective action and how to work effectively with suppliers to prevent CAPA recurrences.


Additional Information

Areas Covered in the seminar: * Escalate and prioritize problems so an appropriate level of investigation and corrective action is enabled. * Partner with your suppliers to effectively solve problems (corrective action applied at the root of the problem) throughout the value stream. * Build consistency in approach and efficiency in communication within your problem solving process. Who will benefit: This course is appropriate for all who are regularly called upon to resolve problems. * Manufacturing supervisors * Technicians * Engineers * Quality/compliance managers spanning all industries