How To Profit From Social Media Marketing

Venue: Online

Location: Columbus, OH, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 19, 2008 End Date/Time: Nov 19, 2008
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The "noise" is deafening. Find out how to turn the "noise" into results.

You've been reading about social media everywhere, from the business
press to the local newspaper.

Industry publications are abuzz about it. It's on the news -- and news outlets are even using it. Just look at CNN's iReport and correspondent Rick Sanchez, who relies on Twitter as an integral part of his reports.

Your boss may be asking about it -- or insisting that the company avoid it like the plague. Then again, if you're a savvy boss, business owner or marketing Pro -- as we suspect you are -- you want to dig into it and "get the goods" on how you can use it to grow your business and your career.

What you need is the core knowledge that will help you determine -

-- How social media can be applied strategically in your organization to support both communication efforts and the bottom line
-- Which tools to use under which circumstances
-- How to make the business case for your plan, and
-- How to measure the results to verify that the effort has produced profitable results.

That's exactly the knowledge you'll gain in this informative webinar by one of the country's foremost marketing and communications experts.

In this far-reaching overview the inimitable Shel Holtz, ABC (Accredited Business Communicator), will explore the role social media can play in an organization's communication and marketing strategy and the risks to ignoring the trend.

Attendees will get tactical and strategic recommendations for maximizing results from well-known social media marketing tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube.

In addition, Holtz will profile a number of relative newcomers in the social media space such as Seesmic, uStream, Jaiku, Pownce and discuss how these tools can also be used to achieve marketing and sales objectives. Plus, blogging tips and tactics.

In 90 fast-paced, information-packed minutes you'll learn how to -

-- Strategize the implementation of the right social media tactics
-- Effectively engage in a full spectrum of social marketing channels without installing a single piece of software
-- Monitor, assess and influence the conversations taking place about your organization
-- Make the case to management that the rewards of Social Media Marketing far outweigh the risks
-- Assess -- and mitigate -- the inherent risks in this rapidly changing marketing venue

...and more. Plus, your individual questions answered.

This exciting, on-the-money session includes a host of recent case studies and numerous examples from real companies experiencing success right now with social media.

Examples and case studies presented range from B-to-C companies like Southwest Airlines to B-to-B companies like Sun Microsystems.

Shel will rev you up and get you on your way to enjoying verifiable, certifiable social media marketing success. Other practical tips and pointers for profitably exploiting social media include:

-- Three social media marketing must do's and three must don'ts

-- Profitable ways to use multimedia as a form of conversation

-- Why criticism is your best friend

-- The 6 (and growing) categories of social media

-- 7 social media marketing best practices

plus, your individual questions answered.


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