How to Effectively Use Social Media for Search Marketing Campaigns Workshop (Social Media Trainin)

Venue: Hilton Boston Back Bay

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 06, 2008
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Over the past year, social media has experienced a virtual explosion and has become a major piece of the search marketing puzzle. Companies are amazed by the influence that social media is having upon the industry and and want to understand how to use it effectively. From capturing traffic and links, to effectively converting the traffic, there are many aspects of social media that need to be considered. Figuring out which type of social media is right for your business is another factor in the search marketing mix. Do you sacrifice your steady customer base for a 1-day hit of traffic from Digg or do you focus on a more targeted blog or forum audience and educate them about your services and/or products? How do you combine this with your PPC and SEO efforts? All of this and more is covered in this course.


This session will show you the entire realm of social media and how to use it effectively as part of a holistic marketing campaign. While many people think of "Digg" as the big player that they need to be working with, Digg is just one of many facets of social media. From social communities to photo sharing, blogging and forums, the Internet offers a world of opportunity waiting to be explored. You'll come away with great ideas on how to effectively leverage your brand, services and products in different social media environments.


40 Dalton Street
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