Protein and Peptide Conference(PepCon 2009) (pepcon)

Venue: COEX, Seoul, South Korea

Location: Seoul, Korea, Korea, Dem Peoples Rep

Event Date/Time: Oct 16, 2008
Abstract Submission Date: Feb 20, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Feb 20, 2009
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Brief Introduction of BIT Life Sciences'2nd Annual Protein and Peptide Conference
Theme: Life,knowledge & Bio-Economy
Time: April 2-4, 2009
Venue: COEX, Seoul, South Korea

PepCon-2009 is the 2nd annual protein and peptide conference of BIT Life Sciences. The conference will feature an outstanding experience both scientifically and socially. Also, the oriental culture makes Korea a fascinating and pleasant place to congregate with old colleagues and new friends to share the most important aspects of many exciting and rapid advances in peptide and protein researches. PepCon-2009 will cover the frontier protein sciences, proteomics, system biology, enable technologies such as protein chips, protein microarray, protein/peptides as therapeutics and diagnostics, peptide and protein drug discovery and development, peptide and protein expression or synthesis, protein design and engineering, and outsourcing R & D along with talent search. The conference will take the form of presentations, workshops, round table conferences, exhibitions and posters. It is our hope to provide an alternative exciting event in Asia Pacific Rim that updates the current trend and business model for the peptide and protein professionals. A crucial aspect of our never ending endeavors is to find solutions to difficult scientific problems, and our ultimate goal is to support translation of scientific discovery into application or therapeutics.

The bright points of PepCon-2009 as following:

200+ Brilliant Scientific, Tech and Business Presentations Offering You Brainstorms

100+ Scientific Posters Presenting Exciting Research Achievements

50+ Exhibition Booths Showcasing New Products and New Technologies

500+ Attendees Coming from Worldwide to Exchange Ideas, Build New Network and Foster Friendship

A Charming Tech Tour to Mega-modern and Appealingly Ancient City Seoul , South Korea
Main topics as follow:
Part A: Protein Workshops
-Highlight Protein Sciences and Technologies
Track 1: Human Proteome Technologies
-From Molecular Machines to System Biology

Track 2: Protein Sciences and Technology
-Understanding the Life Essence and Encouraging Innovations

Track 3: Protein Therapeutics Discovery and Development
-Gateway of Development of Protein Based Biotherapy

Track 4: Bioengineering or Bioprocessing: Protein Downstream Technologies
-Riding on the Third Wave of White Biotechnology
Part B:Peptide Workshops
-It’s Part of Life
Track 5: Peptide Structure and Functions and Therapeutic Designs
-Smart Mimics of Bioactive Molecules with understanding the functions

Track 6: Peptide Synthesis, Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Applications
-Simple Chemistry, High Value and Make It Bioavailable

For For more details about the conference, please visit our website at: