Putting Normal Back in the Paranormal with Madelyn Alt & Kristy Robinett

Venue: South Lyon Hotel

Location: South Lyon, Michigan, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 08, 2008
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Madelyn Alt and Kristy Robinett
~~ Putting Normal Back in the Paranormal ~~

National bestselling mystery author Madelyn Alt and internationally renowned Psychic Medium Kristy Robinett are just your average, everyday girls . . . who share a unique approach to life that includes dealing with the supernatural. But they like to think that’s part of their charm!

Have you ever been curious about the paranormal, but are put off by subjects and/or presenters that don’t fit into your comfort zone? Want to know if what you’ve experienced fits into the psychic realm? Have you lived with ghosts and want to know a little bit about how to live with them? Or are you perhaps interested in writing the paranormal, and want tips or advice from a successful author in how it’s done? You won’t want to miss this event.

In celebration of the release of the 4th book in Madelyn’s Bewitching Mysteries, NO REST FOR THE WICCAN, we invite you to join Madelyn and Kristy for a spooktacular event that will include Madelyn speaking about her National Bestselling books and Kristy will discuss an array of topics including that of growing up in a haunted house and what you can do if you are haunted. She will also conduct an audience reading where she will relay messages from the other side.

When: November 8, 2008 from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Where: South Lyon Hotel
201 N Lafayette St
South Lyon, MI 48178

South Lyon Hotel was built on a cemetery…now how spooky is that?

Who: Madelyn Alt and Kristy Robinett

Cost: $35.00 per person

Visit http://www.kristyrobinett dot com to purchase tickets via PayPal.

(Food and Drinks are NOT provided in the ticket purchase, but available at a reasonable cost).

Madelyn Alt

Madelyn Alt is the national bestselling author of the witchy and hip Bewitching Mysteries, published by Berkley Prime Crime. The Bewitching series features small town single girl and fledgling empath Maggie O’Neill, her witchy boss, and an unlikely circle of ghosthunting friends, the N.I.G.H.T.S., as they investigate an increasing level of paranormal disturbance–not to mention a series of unrelated murders–in Maggie’s hometown of Stony Mill, Indiana. In other words, they are: “Mysteries…. with Hex Appeal.”

A late-blooming sensitive/intuitive, Madelyn writes from her home, an 1870’s era Victorian in northeast Indiana, which she shares with an extraordinary number of persons of the male persuasion of assorted ages and sizes, two Siamese cats who rule the roost, and a Shepherd-Lab sweetheart who is only too happy to let them.

So what’s a nice girl like me doing writing about ghosties, ghoulies, and things that go bump in the night? Truth is, I’ve always been intrigued by the paranormal. I’ve experienced many things throughout my lifetime that have fueled that interest, not to mention experiences shared with me by others, people whom I trust. Isolated incidents can be explained away; these are not isolated incidents. They are also not the kind of things that can be proven easily by scientific methods. While that might sound like a pat answer, I’ve never been convinced that science has enough technology to have the right to pooh-pooh everything away. It seems the height of arrogance to say that we have all the answers. The fact is, people are experiencing things that their logical minds want to explain away, but can’t. That’s not to say that science and the mystical won’t some day coexist happily and sensibly, but until that day I think it’s possible we’re not meant to understand everything. Not yet.

The most important thing about life is the journey. Only at the end should we be able to look back and make sense of the lot of it. Part of the beauty is in the mystery.

Kristy Robinett

There’s no flowing gown. There’s no crystal ball. There’s just Kristy Robinett, Psychic Medium and Life Counselor - an ‘Abnormally Normal’ all American girl that talks to the dead.

Kristy’s involvement with the paranormal began at the tender age of 3 when she began playing and speaking regularly with spirits, labeled “imaginary friends” by her parents. This behavior was unacceptable in her household as her family was very religious. This however did not curb her curiosity for the paranormal and the unknown.

Today, Kristy is an internationally renowned Psychic Medium. Her clientele ranges from young to old, law enforcement, clergy, politicians, celebrities, domestic goddesses, to every day people. Her dedication and passion to her work is performed with honesty, integrity and humor, which sets her apart from the rest.

Kristy donates her time assisting law enforcement agencies with investigations involving missing persons, murder, suicide, arson and psychically profiling criminals. She has earned a solid reputation for Spirit Releases, psychic home inspections for homebuyers and haunted house investigations, lecturer at special events and owner of Encharming Events LLC.

Kristy has the gift of bringing warmth and love when using her gift of insight to help clear the cobwebs of confusion along with helping people embrace their own intuitive gifts. Not always serious, Kristy has a wicked sense of humor that she likes to bring to her readings.

How did I get a gig talking to the dead? It definitely wasn’t the profession that my parents were at all thrilled with. Going to parochial school from kindergarten through high school graduation, I was taught that anything to do with psychics were evil, as if I didn’t already have a low self-esteem like most kids! It was neat, however, knowing when the pop quizzes would be or when I could shut off the alarm because I knew that there would be a snow day even before the weather men predicted it. So after trying the ‘real’ world for a long time, I screamed ‘Uncle’ and gave in to my talent and here I am, day after day, talking to the dead and chasing ghosts.

I believe that we create our own reality. By being passionate about life, you can achieve not just anything, but everything. I mean, it gets boring and depressing waiting for that winning lottery ticket, right?!

To Purchase Tickets, please visit: http://www.kristyrobinett dot com


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When: November 8, 2008 from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Where: South Lyon Hotel 201 N Lafayette St South Lyon, MI 48178 South Lyon Hotel was built on a cemetery…now how spooky is that? Who: Madelyn Alt and Kristy Robinett Cost: $35.00 per person Visit http://www.kristyrobinett dot com to purchase tickets via PayPal.