What Works and Why: Unmasking student strengths through innovative learning experiences

Venue: The Gathering Place

Location: Clarksville, Maryland, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 20, 2008 End Date/Time: Nov 21, 2008
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Our main focus for the "What Works and Why: Unmasking Student Strengths through Innovative Learning Experiences" November ‘08 conference is to provide school administration and school staff with research-based teaching models that focus on transmitting the curriculum in innovative ways, using visual, mechanical, arts-based and/or kinesthetic learning environments, strategies that work for students who are attuned to such modalities of learning. Importantly, our future depends on innovation in areas such as design, linking arts with technology, sciences, ability to synthesize ideas from diverse disciplines, social /leadership skills, cognitive and computer sciences, and technology. ‘Out of the box’ thinking must be encouraged and we know is best facilitated through learning environments that may be more challenging to foster (e.g., multi-sensory, multi-cultural, arts and theater-based, technology-based and real-world oriented). “Hands-on”, multi-modal and student-centered learning experiences are good practice for all students but most especially twice exceptional or 2E students whose considerable talents may go overlooked when evaluation is solely based in one modality (e.g., verbal or written). By focusing on teaching students with specific learning challenges and creating a climate that encourages relationship-building between students and teachers, we hope to enhance and motivate ALL students’ performance by encouraging a facilitative and positive learning environment.


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