Poets, priest, scribes and (e-)librarians. The transmission of holy wisdom in Zoroastrianism

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Event Date/Time: Sep 02, 2009 End Date/Time: Sep 05, 2009
Registration Date: Jul 30, 2009
Early Registration Date: May 30, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 30, 2009
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Aim of the Conference is to deal with the composition of the Avesta through its history covering it oral composition and transmission, the invention of the Avestan script, the constitution of the different types of manuscripts between the invention of the script and the first manuscripts, the relations between manuscripts and the stemmata of each type of manuscript, presentation of manuscripts not used by K. F. Geldner for his edition and generals about the written and oral transmission. It intends also to offer an overview of the different collections of manuscripts all over the world, their catalogues, state of preservation and accessibility. Actually, the Conference is organized in the frame of the Avestan Digital Archive (http://www.avesta-archive.com), a project that tries to solve the difficulties of researchers of the Avesta for having access to the manuscripts.
One of the main interests of the work with the Avestan manuscripts (although not the only one) is the edition of the Avestan texts transmitted. Therefore, we would like to address the question about the necessity of a new edition of the Avesta after the edition of K. F. Geldner. Accordingly, a deep analysis of Gedlner's method and edition is strongly needed. We hope also that the conference could provide an overview about the different Avestan texts that are being edited in the actuality and which are considered the main desiderata in this field.
Although the main focus of the conference is the transmission of the Avesta, we would like also to cover the transmission of other Zoroastrian texts, especially the Pahlavi books, since they share some of the problems of the Avesta transmission. It will provide also an overview of the different Pahlavi words that are going to edited in the actuality.
Each thematic block is going to be opened by an invited talk by one relevant specialist of the field. The invitation of the organizers have already be accepted by P.O. Skjaervø, J. Kellens, A. Hintze, F. Kotwal and U. Sims-Willams.