Leading People through Change (LPtC)

Venue: Marriott Hotel

Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Event Date/Time: Nov 19, 2008 End Date/Time: Nov 19, 2008
Registration Date: Nov 15, 2008
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Organizational change is a fact of business life. New opportunities, new products, and new business initiatives are exciting moments that signal change and disruption. Most of these change efforts require significant adjustments in how large numbers of people get work done. Leaders need the buy-in and commitment of the people who are being asked to change.

Change is never easy. Roughly 70% of change efforts fail or are derailed. Failure of an organizational change can lead to destructive outcomes, such as low productivity and morale, unmet expectations, wasted time and money, and increased employee turnover.

Leading People through Change teaches leaders how to identify and address the typical questions that employees raise during a change, as well as how to use the appropriate change strategy and corresponding behaviors to resolve concerns. These change strategies are used to address the most common causes of failure in an organization and to adapt to the predictable stages of concern.

After attending this workshop, you will learn how to:

· Understand change in a business context

· Identify the key steps in the change management process

· Appreciate change as an emotional issue

· Develop your own style of leading others though change

· Identify ways of supporting people through change

· Build skill in influencing different styles / preferences

· Develop capability in handling concerns about change

· Develop a range of tools & techniques

· Apply learning through real life changes – cases and feedback

Learning Process

Your Experiences – share experiences of change – best & worst experiences, what change feels like.

Understanding Change – Define change. Kinds of change. Advantages. Risks of ignoring change.

People & Change – Responses to change. DREC change curve. Impact of uncertainty.

Leading Change – Change manager’s role. Leadership definitions and styles.

Change Process – Spencer Johnson’s, Who moved my Cheese? model

Supporting People through Change – Trust and Dialogue

Handling Concerns – Awareness of people’s changeability. Types of concerns and how to respond to these concerns.

Influencing Strategies – Influencing different character styles and preferences. Influencing as push vs. pull.

Tools & Techniques – SMART objectives, SWOT analysis, creative thinking, mind mapping, etc.

Experiential Exercises – group work to apply learning with real life change projects.

Learning Outcomes

By using the change model that is taught in this program, leaders can expect the following results:

Positive effects on productivity and morale
Increased “capacity to change” and an adaptive environment where change is effectively implemented on an ongoing basis
More buy-in and less time to achieve the desired performance
The development of business-wide change leadership capabilities

Who Must Attend:

Leading People through Change is designed for organizations of all sizes and will provide instruction that will be especially useful to the following participants:

Senior executives
Day-to-day leaders of a change effort
Managers at all levels who seek to increase the buy-in and commitment of their direct reports
Internal OD/HR consultants
High-potential leaders who may be asked to play the role of change agent
Teams responsible for leading change


Marriot Road

Additional Information

Workshop Fee: 1-3 Participant(s) - PKR 8,500 / USD 150 3+ Participants - PKR 7,650 / USD 130