2009 Christian Prophetic Poets & Writers Retreat (2009CPPWR)

Venue: The Lodge at Simpsonwood

Location: Norcross, Georgia, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 16, 2009 End Date/Time: Sep 20, 2009
Registration Date: Sep 04, 2009
Early Registration Date: Jun 26, 2009
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Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International is pleased to announce the 2009 Christian Prophetic Poet's and Writer's Retreat, "The Birthing of a Scribal National." This year, the Lord has instructed us to serve as mid-wives to prophetic writers who have been supernaturally awakened by the Holy Spirit to walk into their targeted, and unique call to write the Word of the Lord. We believe that those in attendance will walk away with clear instructions and divine guidance concerning where God has positioned them His army, and how they are to carry out His orders.


4511 Jones Bridge Circle, NW
United States

Additional Information


Voices of Christ Literary Ministries will be offering the following Tracks of Study during the 2009 Christian Prophetic Poet's & Writer's Retreat: The Birthing of a Scribal Nation.

+The Scribal Anointing:
In this two-part session, prophetic writers will uncover God's original plan and purposes for the ministry of the scribe. They will walk away knowing and understanding their very unique role in the body of Christ today. In addition, students will be activated through various interactive exercises throughout the sessions. This session, spread over the course of two-days will cover the following topics:

  • The Ministry of the Present Day Scribe

  • The Purpose of Your Scribal Gift

  • What is the Scribal Anointing?

  • What is prophetic writing?

  • The True Meaning of Publishing

  • Pure Scribal Ministry

  • Are you a skilled scribe or a prophetic scribe?

  • Breaking Scribal Strongholds (Pharisees/Scribes)

  • Ministry Vs. Entertainment

  • A Scribal Secret Revealed

  • Unleashing The Scribal Anointing

  • Prophesy! Under The Scribal Anointing

+The Restoration of The Scribal Anointing: In this session, prophetic writers will identify the three levels of the Scribal Anointing, and determine their strongest area of anointing. They will walk away knowing how to effectively and strategically apply their ministry in their personal lives, homes, communities and churches; thus, facilitating the restoration of scribal ministry back to its rightful place in the body.

+Spiritually Critiquing Literary Works (Pre-Requisite, The Scribal Anointing): Through intense biblical study, creative writers will examine the role of writing and writers throughout the scriptures. In particular, they will explore the present day - prophetic call to write - and embrace what it truly means to walk under the "Scribal Anointing." This class is full of group exercises and prophetic activations. This session includes the following topics:

  • The Effects of Critiquing the World's Way

  • What does it mean to spiritually "Critique?"

  • The Power of Spiritually Critiquing

  • God's Literary Merit System

  • The Components of Christ-Like Writing

  • How to Critique God's Way

+Literary Evangelism: Moving: Beyond The Open Mic: In this session, scribes will get an in-depth understanding concerning evangelizing effectively in scribal ministry. They will reach beyond the traditional open mic and distribution of books and CDs, and examine how to walkout Matthew 28:18-20 according to patterns set by biblical scribes who followed the Lord.

+Scribal Warfare (Pre-Requisite, The Scribal Anointing): In this advanced class, prophetic writer's will be introduced to the power hidden in "Scribal Warfare." This very unique class will uncover the untapped potential of the pen based on Ezekiel 9:1-5. This class will feature prophetic demonstrations, and activations concerning engaging the enemy with the power of the scribes pen.


+Scribal Dreaming: Course description coming soon.

+Scribal Testimonies (Pre-Requisite, The Scribal  
Course description coming soon.


+Speak Life: Course description coming soon.

+Journaling Change: Course description coming soon.

+An Introduction to Writing Your Memoirs: Course description coming soon.

+Publishing From Start to Finish: Course description coming soon.


+Public Speaking: In this session, prophetic writers will learn some valuable techniques concerning public speaking with guidance from a Certified Toastmaster. This class will feature fun-filled activities for scribes to participate in throughout the retreat. This session is broken down into two parts.


+Finding the Right Person for the Service You Need: In this unique "How To" class, VOC leadership and special guests will tag team to show you how to find an editor, graphic designer, content editor, recording studio, or other service to help jump start your self-published project.