Event Date/Time: Feb 17, 2009 End Date/Time: Feb 18, 2009
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Naval forces and assets are under threat. The dilemma for the military and defence industry is which threat to respond to:

Asymmetric Traditional
Asymmetric naval forces like the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and Iranian paramilitaries provide a genuine military threat alongside increasingly lawless areas of the seas controlled by piracy. How can warships apply defensive methods against a small boat filled with explosives? What defence is there against a terrorist with a RPG7? It is essential to maintain high end capability as both new and traditional military powers are developing blue water capability. Recent events in the Caucasus region and surrounding Black Sea show “Russia is a navy getting its sea legs back” - Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations, US Navy – September 24th 2008.

How Can Military Forces Improve Force Protection?
Ship Self Defence will provide expert insight into the latest developments for ship survivability including progress in ship design, signature management and technology developments. Leading naval experts from a range of international organisations highlight technological developments and doctrinal evolution across the range of efforts to improve ship self defence:

Captain Rob Hendricks, Director, Centre for Ship Signature Management
Captain Massimo Annati, Deputy Chairman of the European Working Group-Non-Lethal Weapons, Italian Navy
Commander David Hebert, Head, Mine Warfare Branch, US Navy
Gary Bullock, Unmanned Systems Manager, US Navy
Commander Peter Horn, SO1 Force Protection, Royal Navy
Vic Emery OBE, Managing Director Clyde, BVT Surface Fleet
David Manley, Head of Vulnerability Reduction and Shock Engineering, DE&S, UK MoD
Lieutenant Colonel (Netherlands Marine Corps) Marc Houben, Doctrine Centre, Royal Netherlands Navy
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Don't miss Ship Self Defence 2009 because...
Ship Self Defence is the only international forum dedicated to providing expert information on:

The latest developments for ship survivability and the progress in ship design and build
The expanding role of Autonomous Vehicles and their significance for port security and capability enhancement
The potential for organic Mine Counter Measures (MCM) in future operations
The challenges of operating in the littoral environment including the importance of sensor suite developments for brown water operations