Three-Phase Partitioning: A Novel and Scalable Protein Mini-Prep

Venue: Coronado

Location: Coronado, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Jan 11, 2009 End Date/Time: Jan 11, 2009
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Three-Phase Partitioning: A Novel and Scalable Protein Mini-Prep
Three-phase partitioning (TPP) is a new, exciting, and amazingly simple generic method for extracting, purifying, and concentrating proteins. Effective with dozens
of economically important proteins, our TPP method will be illustrated in this short course with whole, unlysed E. coli cells expressing recombinant Aequorea GFP. Within 30 minutes or less, with no affi nity tags, our TPP method removes, from the cell-free GFP, virtually all genomic DNA, all lipids, nearly all polysaccharides, nearly all small molecules, and as much as 99% of total absorbance at 280 nm, leaving a crystal clear, low viscosity solution concentrated as much as 100-fold from its original volume with GFP recoveries as high as 90%. No equipment is needed for TPP other than simple, readily available chemicals, a low speed centrifuge, and
a spatula.

Topics to be covered:

Protein macro-prep
Tag-free recombinant protein purification
Protein mini-prep
Protein macro-prep
Down- and Up-stream processing
Course Instructor:
William Ward, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Director, CREBB, Rutgers University, and Founder and President, Brighter Ideas, Inc.
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