Astral Projection, ESP and Higher Awareness Seminar (ESP)

Venue: Limassol

Location: Limassol, Cyprus

Event Date/Time: Sep 04, 2009 End Date/Time: Sep 06, 2009
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This is a 3-day intensive seminar and workshop.


I. Introduction
A. Objectives of the course
1. Introduce participants to higher esoteric teachings
2. Enable them to heal themselves and others.
3. Teach them psychic self-defense and protection. Invocation for protection.
4. Teach them how to charge, energize or empower an object such as a quartz crystal or amulet.
5. Introduce them to their spirit guides and how to call it when needed.
6. Teach them how to do automatic writing to get answers from the spirit world.
7. Teach them to go out their bodies at will and to return safely.

B. Review the Chakras

C. Difference between this advance course and the chakra lessons in the Basic ESP

D. Review the laws of the supra conscious mind.

II. Teach special breathing technique to energize the astral body. Introduce different postures
III. Teach how to perform Formula I.
IV. Introduce Theta sound and benefits of Theta Brain Waves
V. Introduce the Spirit World as Counterpart of Everything in the physical world.
VI.Teach how to charge, energize or empower an object.

Discuss different dimensions
VII. Give assignment or homework

1. Breathing exercise at home 2x / day

2. Look self in mirror-full body.Examinary part.

3. Become conscious of the in-between sleeping and waking states. Dream-like state

4. Become conscious of the astral body and astral world.


I. Explain the Watcher and Perform Formula
2.Send the watcher out and tell what time to recall the watcher. 8:30 pm.

II. Explain Different Forms of Healing

A. Psychic

B. Pranic

C. Spiritual

D. Divine

All or some of these may overlap in actual practice.

III. How to Perform Psychic Diagnosis and Heal Others

A. Have each participant find a partner and diagnosis each

other’s illness.

B. Perform psychic healing on each other

C. How to perform distant healing.

1. Using photo of subject

2. Using name as face of subject.

IV. Seeing Past Lives of Others

A. How to see the aura. Have participants sit facing each other.

B. Have each see the face this partner’s soul has worn.

C. Change partner’s and do the same.

V. Recall the watcher

A. Wand Posture

B. Rhythmic Breathing

C. Recall Watcher Back to the Room.

D. Perform Formula One

E. Be Seated in Egyptian Posture

F. Discuss Experience of the Watcher

G. Check the Information Tonight and Report Tomorrow.


I. Explain and Perform Formula 3(Ask for report or watcher)

Explain the Simulacrum.

II. The Spirit World and Its Inhabitants (Spirit Guide Exercise)

A. Spirit Guides, Angels, Guardian Angels

B. The Nature Spirits

C. Earthbound Spirits

D. Astral Forms of the Living; Thought Forms.

E. Other Creatures.

F. History of Spiritualism

III. My Own Spirit Guides and How I Learned About Them.

IV. Show Video Films

A. Ghosts – Magandang Gabi Bayan (MGB)

B. Ninoy Aquino’s Message Through Automatic Writing

C. Luis Gasparetto, Brazilian Mediumistic Painter

VI. Automatic Writing

A. Explanation

B. How to Perform Automatic Writing
Have specific question you want the spirit guides to answer

C. Discussion of experience

NOTE : Theta sound all throughout.

Exercise : Expansion of astral legs, astral neck and head


I. Meditation on the Chakras

Exercise: Perform Formula 2 Again – Sending the watcher to be recalled a specific time later.

II. Nature of the Astral World

1. Various Levels – 7 sub planes

2. Inhabitants of the Astral World.

a. Gnomes

b. Elves

c. Undines, nymphs, Water, Sirens

d. Salamanders

e. Fairies, sylphs, Air

3. Angels, Cherubs, Archangels

4. Why they try to possess human beings Paracelsus’ view.

Punishment when they cross dimensions.

III. Protective Mechanism Necessary in Astral Travel

Four ways or types of getting out of the body

1. Involuntary and unconscious.

2. Involuntary and conscious

3. Voluntary and unconscious

4. Voluntary and conscious

IV. Thought Control; Desire Control

You go where you think

V. Higher Astral World - Masters, guides, etc.

VI. What You Can Experience in the Astral World

1. 360 degree vision
2. Freedom of movement. Can pass thru walls.
3. Can hear and read thoughts of people.
4. Can be seen at times.
5. If astral body is hurt, physical will follow.
6. Papaya in the mouth, bought back from astral.
7. Feeling of tiredness.

VII. Nature of the astral cord, elastic can’t be broken. If body is disturbed, you’ll know.

VIII. My own experiences in Astral Projections.

1. First experience

2. Astral sex

3. Other Projections – Crystals, Egyptian scarab, strong magnetic energy, spirit caves in Banahaw, healer’s clinic

4. Astral projection in Foreign Lands: Germany, Brazil, U.S.A.

Exercise : perform Formula 3 again. The simulacrum. Locate point of consciousness in yourself. And in simulacrum or likeness of yourself.

5. AMI Machine experience in Japan.

6. Elvira Manahan’s haunted house.

IX. Experiment or Exercise.

1. Transfer of consciousness to external object, eg. a cup or bell.

2. Clock

3. Astral substance

4. Visualization of own physical image

5. Remote viewing

X. Astral wind, sound, tunnel-like vision, snapping or popping sound. Swaying ……..

XI. Advantages of OOBE

1. Removes fear of death

2. Expands consciousness or awareness

3. Develops inner senses, psychic ability

4. Spiritual instruction, communication

5. Possible knowledge of what’s going to happen or what’s currently in the physical

world unknown to your senses.

6. Perform healing on a person while in the astral field.

7. Examine problems much more in depth in the astral.

XII. Exercise : Extension of astral neck and head.


Perform Formula 3 again – the simulacrum. Exact likeness

Preliminary exercise

1. Earth posture: imagine extending the astral legs to touch wall. Imagineextending astral head to reach wall opposite side.

2. Determine the place you want to go to in the astral plane.

3. Explain what can happen.

Actual Exercise in Astral Projection

4. Play the deep mind tape for astral projection

5. Discuss experience. Summarize lessons.

6. Distribute certificate of completion.


Additional Information is simply the biggest directory for finding tools for mind, body and spiritual development. The presenter of the workshop is Jaime T.Licauco, researcher and author of many books, he is considered authority on inner mind development, creative and intuitive management, and paranormal phenomena.