ChinaInternational Nuclear Power Industry Expo 2009 (CINE2009)

Venue: China international exhibition center, Beijing

Location: Beijing, China

Event Date/Time: Sep 02, 2009 End Date/Time: Sep 04, 2009
Registration Date: Aug 15, 2009
Early Registration Date: Aug 01, 2009
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ChinaInternational Nuclear Power Industry Expo 2009
Time: Sep 2-4 , 2009

Address: China international exhibition center, Beijing

Authorized unit:

Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

Hosted by:

CSEE-Society for nuclear power generation

China Machinery Industry Federation Nuclear Power Office

Nuclear Power Committee of Chinese Society of Power Engineering

ChinaAssociation of Mechanical & Electric Products Distribution.

Supported by:

China National Nuclear(Group) Corporation (CNNC)

Yellow River Materials, Henan.

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Co., Ltd.

Qinshan Nuclear Power Company

Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation

Shanghai Municipal Nuclear Power Office

Undertaker:Beijing Qifa Exhibit service Co.,LTD


The world again is bullish on the nuclear power generation, the public begin to talk about it with great relish, and fashionable flagship magazines even put nuclear power on the list of top ten coolest things 2006. At present, the oil price soars all the way, and environmental pollution of the earth caused by such conventional energy sources as oil and coal endangers the health of humankind. To resist the global warming, many countries in the world including the United States are positively rethinking nuclear power generation strategies. In China, high economic growth in recent years results in an increased demand for energy resources.

In China, over 80% of gross power generation comes from thermal power generation, and the situation in which the focus is on coal for the country’s thermal power construction is determined by existing conditions of its resources. Taking into account the capability of transporting coal produced in northwester China to coastal areas with centralized demand for coal, as well as the severe environmental pollution arising from thermal power generation, the National People’s Congress 2006 officially defined through the 11th Five-year Plan for National Economic and Social Development that nuclear power will be positively developed, and planned to reach 40 million kilowatts of the total capacity of nuclear power stations by 2020, which accounts for 4% of the total installed capacity. In other words, the future 15 years will be the peak of China’s nuclear power construction and investment, during which 25-30 nuclear power stations will be built, 2 nuclear power units at mega-kilowatt level each year.

According to the program of China with regard to positive development of nuclear power, as well as its policies about accelerating the industrialization of civil non-power nuclear technologies, China International Nuclear Power Industry Expo 2009 sponsored byours will be held on Sep 2-4,2009 in China International Exhibition Center, Beijing.

By then, China will see an upsurge of unprecedented development in civil nuclear technology. Advanced technologies and products of each country will have a broad market prospect in China. Let us work hand in hand to promote common development of China and the world and share fruitful results from the development.

·Exhibition agenda

Check in and arrange the stand: Aug 31-Sep 1, 2009(8:30—17:00)

Exhibition: Sep 2-4,2009(8:30—16:00)

? The range of exhibition

★Nuclear Island

· Reactor & Reactor Coolant System

· Core & Fuel

· Reactor Internals

· Reactor Pressure Vessel

· Control Rod Drive Mechanism (CRDM)

· Steam Generator (SG)

· Reactor Coolant Pump

· Containment Vessel


★Conventional Island

· Turbine-Generator

· Transfomer

· Blades

★Instrumentation & Control

· Application of Ergonomics in Reactor Control

· Digital Control System (DCS)

· Qualification of Software

· Isolated Phase Busduct

· Renewal of Date Acquisition System & other Systems for built Nuclear Power Station

★Electrical System

· New Emergency Power Supply System

· New High Voltage Equipment

· Nuclear Power Coating

· Paint

★Various Pipes, Pumps & Valves



★Computer Aided Design in Nuclear Power Station & Computerized Documentation Management

★Welding, Machining, Heat Treatment & Assembly Technology

★Engineering Machinery & Special Tools

★Operation & Maintenance Devices

· Inspection Equipment

· Maintenance Robot

Nuclear Accident Emergency Communication Devices

The Standardization Plan of Nuclear Equipment

URD, EURD & series Development of NPP

Nuclear Safety & Protection Equipment & Materials

★Waste Disposal

· Solid Waste Treatment

· Liquid Waste Treatment

· Gaseous Waste Treatment

· Radwaste Disposal

●Exhibition fee

? Standard stand fee:(3m×3m)

Abroad enterprise:3600 dollar/ stand, exhibition period

? basic price for space ( area no less than 36m2)

Abroad enterprise::360 dollar/m2exhibition period

Standard stand fee: including stand space, 2.5m height wainscot, lintel and brand, 9 m2carpet, a meeting table, two chairs, one 220V power supply socket, two daylight lamps.

The exhibiter, who wants to choose the stand with two entrances, should add 20% expense of the standard stand. Every personnel working in the exhibition should pay 500RMB. (For exhibition information, luncheon and souvenirs etc.) Space fee including: exhibition area, safeguard, cleaning service (excluding special instruments manage fee)

? Exhibition procedures

Fill in stand application table, then mail or fax it after stamped it to the committee of the exhibition. In one week after your application you should telegraph the exhibition fee (50% of the subscript_ion or the complete fee) to the committee or hand it to the committee directly, the allot principle of the stand order is: “who applies first, telegraphs the fee first, we will arrange his stand in the first place”, rest of the fee should be pay before Aug 1 , 2009, Sponsor will consider the action as giving up the exhibition.

As long as the sponsors receive the application table to exhibition and the stand fee, it will send the invoice and exhibiter manual to the exhibiters. Issues such as the accommodation of the representatives and the transportation of the products refer to the exhibiter manual. If the exhibitor drop out after he has applied for taking part in the exhibition, the subscript_ion fee paid will not be handed back.

? Proceedings of the exhibition and other advertisements

The proceedings of the exhibition will be presented to superintending departments and related associations , traveling merchants attending the exhibition, what’s more, it will delivered to the circle of papermaking industry and related distributors home and abroad.( the exhibitors should provide the films by themselves)

Back cover
The first or second cover
The third cover
Traversing color page
Inner color page
Black white page

20000 Yuan
10000 Yuan
8000 Yuan
8000 Yuan
5000 Yuan
3000 Yuan

Invitation card: RMB8000 Yuan/ ten thousand puffing arch: RMB8000 Yuan/day

Admission: RMB8000Yuan/twenty thousand balloon in sky: RMB5000Yuan/day

Exclusive advertisement in the back of Exhibition card and visit card: RMB 30000yuan

? The activities of the exhibition

? Product exhibition, trading negotiation, exchange of technology, academic discussion. The exhibitor can apply for holding symposium for technology exchange, fee for every symposium: domestic enterprise 6800 Yuan, abroad enterprise 1500 dollar. (Duration: 2 hours, shorter than 2 hours accounted as one symposium.).

? Plan for the advertisement of the exhibition

? Nuclear authorities, institutions and enterprises at home and abroad will be invited to the exhibition.

? Through handing out sixty thousand invitation letters, five hundred thousand visit tickets to neighboring districts and countries, invite the decision-maker, important customers directly to come, visit and place order.

? International internet and broadcasting station: issue information and advertisements about the exhibition,,,,,

·Ways to apply for joining the exhibition

If your company would like to apply for joining the exhibition, please ask the committee for apply and contract for joining the exhibition , after filling in and stamping it ,please mail or fax it to:

Beijing Qifa Exhibit service Co.,LTD

Mobile: 0086-13141303591

Fax: 008610—85863866


Pc: 100025


Linkman: Winder Wang