AIAI2009 workshop on Biomedical Informatics and Intelligent Method in the Support of Genomic Medicin (BMIINT)


Location: Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece

Event Date/Time: Apr 22, 2009 End Date/Time: Apr 23, 2009
Registration Date: Apr 13, 2009
Early Registration Date: Apr 13, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Feb 13, 2009
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************************* Call for Papers *******************************
AIAI 2009 (

******** BMIINT workshop:
******** Biomedical Informatics and Intelligent Approaches
******** in the Support of Genomic Medicine

Entering the post-genomics or, functional genomics epoch a new challenging
mission is posted: to bring innovative research findings (from the advanced
clinical and molecular biology endeavour) directly to the clinics and the
bedside of patients. The mission could be accomplished by intersecting the
clinical, biological and information sciences. An enterprise inspired by the
genomic, proactive and personalised medicine vision; targeting the in-silico
biology domain; and enabled by the transition to interdisciplinary principles
and endeavours. A transition guided by the "-omics" revolution, including
transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, physiomics and nanomedicine.
The primary item in the respective agenda is translational research with
Biomedical Informatics in the centre of the 'scene' to provide the enabling
technology and infrastructure.

The BMIINT workshop brings the CLINICAL, BIOLOGY and INFORMATICS fields
together, targeting the INTEGRATION and INTELLIGENT analysis of complex
and heterogeneous CLINICO-GENOMIC data. It aims to provide a FORUM for
the presentation of advances at the conjunction of in-between components
and procedures.

**** TOPICS ****
-- Ontologies and Terminologies in Biomedicine (metadata)
-- Semantic Biological Data Integration (information & data modelling)
-- Grids, Biomedical Web Services and Scientific Workflows
-- Knowledge Acquisition, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Biomedical Research
-- Discovery of Biomarkers (tarnscriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic etc.)
-- Mining Molecular Pathways and Networks
-- SNPs and Genotype-Phenotype Association Studies
-- Biomedical Literature Mining
-- DNA-Sequence analysis - Identification of DNA Functional Units
-- Modelling (in silico) and Simulation in Biomedical Research
-- Bio-Imaging and Bio-Sensing Applications
-- Nanotechnology for Personalized Medicine: Nanomedicine, Nanoinformatics
-- Biomedical Argumentation and Recommendation systems
-- Biomedical Computing Environments, Systems and Platforms
Case studies will be greatly appreciated. System demonstration can be arranged.

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