Customer Experience Optimization

Venue: Budapest

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Event Date/Time: Feb 12, 2009 End Date/Time: Feb 13, 2009
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This 2-day Customer Experience Optimization masterclass, organized by the Jacob Fleming Group, is developed and taught by Lynn Hunsaker of ClearAction LLC.
As economic cycles change, customer experience strategies must adapt to evolving customer expectations, competitive forces and financial realities. Creative use of existing data and processes can propel customer experience improvement without a big budget. Systematic analysis of customer data serves as an essential guideline for customer experience listening, innovation, internal branding and affinity development. Holistic deployment of these strategies and tactics involves employees organization-wide ‘living the brand’ for big gains in customers’ experiences, and subsequently, customer retention and profitability.

This highly interactive and practical training session guides you in assessing your firm's customer-centricity and strengthening your journey toward customer experience optimization, for ambitious profitability growth. Case studies, application exercises, and templates reinforce proven principles and techniques for and aid you in deploying effective strategies within your organization.

Customer Experience Optimization MasterClass

Find Your Reasons to Attend:

Attending this event you will gain a sound understanding of how to:

  • Grow bottom line profit faster than top line revenue

  • Expand volume with existing customers

  • Transition fence-sitting customers to advocates of your brand

  • Gain new accounts through positive word-of-mouth

  • Sustain pricing strategies

  • Guide strategy and tactics per customer profit potential

  • Design customer satisfaction approach by segment value

  • Differentiate sustainably through customer experience innovation

  • Prevent hassles that spur customer churn

  • Engage employees company-wide in owning their impact on customer experience

  • Motivate behaviors supporting customer profitability goals

Who Should Attend:

  • Vice Presidents and Directors of Marketing, Service or Quality

  • Chief Customer Officers, Chief Marketing Officers

  • Managers of Customer Advocacy, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Retention, Customer Loyalty, Customer Experience, or Customer Care

Course Outline:

The CEM Opportunity

  • Why the old models (CRM, satisfaction surveys, net promoter scores) are necessary but insufficient

  • Defining Customer Experience Management – strategically managing a customer's entire experience with a brand

  • The CEM model and true customer-centricity

  • Application Workshop

Customer Lifetime Value

  • Identify customer groups by lifetime value (CLV)

  • Align voice-of-the-customer strategy with value levels

  • Create guides for executives’ strategic decisions

  • Establish criteria for customer-facing employees’ tactical decisions

  • Application Workshop

Panoramic Customer Experience Viewpoint

  • Monitor forces on your customers' business

  • Balance feedback from decision-makers and decision-influencers

  • Synthesize data from advisory boards, user groups, blogs, surveys, complaints, call centers, transaction pulses, executive listening sessions, sales and service call reports and other sources

  • Application Workshop

Internal Branding

  • Ensure all your employees do their part to deliver your brand promises

  • Enable each internal organization to own customer feedback

  • Engage cross-functional teams in root cause analysis

  • Guide teams in accountable action-planning and follow-through

  • Application Workshop

Customer Touchpoint Alignment

  • Strengthen your brand with seamless customer touchpoints

  • Empower customers in the use of each interface

  • Ensure cross-interface data availability

  • Capture both verbal and non-verbal information

  • Balance style and substance for optimal profit and experiences

  • Application Workshop

Case Studies: Intuit & Symantec

  • Immersion in the customer's world

  • Company-wide engagement

  • Bottom line results

Customer Experience Innovation

  • Engineer superior solutions spanning your customers' care-abouts

  • Provide pre- and post-purchase inputs to designers

  • Integrate CEM checkpoints in market assessment, idea generation, concept testing, product design, product testing, commercialization

  • Broaden your profit stream and competitive advantage

  • Application Workshop

Customer Loyalty Behaviors

  • Utilize happy customers as an extension of your sales force

  • Migrate at-risk customers to stronger relationship levels

  • Determine appropriate enticements to support profit objectives

  • Application Workshop

Making It Happen – Obstacles and Requirements

  • Nurture customer-centricity throughout your firm

  • Constructively manage leading indicators of profitability

  • Drive effective hand-offs between internal groups

  • Reinforce success via visibility and incentives

About Lynn Hunsaker:

Lynn mentors executives through her firm ClearAction in developing sustainable customer profitability strategies and business processes. She is a thought leader on customer satisfaction and balanced scorecard topics; companies she has influenced include Adecco, Anritsu, Applied Materials, Hewlett-Packard, Hospira, Intel, Oracle, Sonoco, Thomson-West, and VISA, among many others.

Lynn has spoken at numerous national conferences on customer satisfaction and has taught business courses at the University of California Berkeley Extension and San Jose State University. She is an AMA Professional Certified MarketerTM, ASQ Certified Quality Manager, Qualified MBTI® Practitioner, award-winning past president of Silicon Valley American Marketing Association, and author of the e-book Metrics You Can Manage For Success.

Prior to ClearAction she built her expertise in customer experience optimization in semiconductor, packaging, and market research companies as head of corporate quality and director of marketing and business development, where she built and oversaw programs for customer satisfaction, process improvement, metrics and incentives, competency development, customer tours, internal marketing, business development, product management, go-to-market plans and product launches, alliances and acquisitions. She has traveled throughout the world, and lived in The Netherlands and Belgium.